Quebec government engineers to strike April 22

Civil engineers say they are paid much less than counterparts in the private sector and even those working for cities.

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The Association professionnelle des ingénieurs du Gouvernement du Québec (APIGQ) on Friday submitted a notice to the government it intends to go on strike April 22.

The APIGQ says civil engineers for the Quebec government are paid less than professionals in their discipline in the private sector, but also compared to civil engineers in the public sector and municipalities.

The union cites an independent expert committee that puts the gap at 32 to 34 per cent, twice as much as other professions.

The union wants to see the gap reduced by 14 percentage points.

The strike notice follows a salary offer filed Thursday.

The APIGQ said it will continue negotiations. It has been without a contract since March 31, 2020.

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