Quarrel in Congress: a Vox deputy is expelled for calling a PSOE policy a “witch”

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“Pray as much as you want, but let women exercise their right,” he said from the platform of Congress. the deputy Laura Berja, of the PSOE, defending an initiative of his group to criminalize the harassment of women in abortion clinics.

El First Vice President of Congress, Alfonso Rodriguez, heading the Table as president, He interrupts: “One second, Your Honor.” And he addresses a Vox politician: “Sir [José María] Sanchez-Garcia, I call him to order and ask him to withdraw what he just said. “What he just said is” witch “, addressed to Berja.

“This lady, since she has taken the floor, has not said …”, responds the deputy of Abascal’s party, until the Bureau of Congress cuts his bus. “I call him to order a second time, I reiterate that you withdraw what you just said, so that it does not appear in the Journal of Sessions, “the president of the chamber rejoins.

“I do not withdraw that he has told a lie …”, tries to respond Sánchez García, until his microphone is cut off again. “Clear the hemicycle”, the vice president of the lower house ditch before the energetic applause of the Podemos bench and some socialists, after which the deputy takes his briefcase and descends the stairs.

On his way, he meets Ivan Espinosa de los Monteros, spokesman for the Vox Parliamentary Group, which urges him to return to his seat. But Rodríguez insists and asks him to leave. However, during Berja’s intervention, the Vox deputy returns and bolts in his seat. “You are interfering in the debate,” reiterates the vice president of Congress. “I do not obey the order,” Sánchez García is heard shouting, already with the microphone closed.

The vice president of Congress has then chosen to suspend the plenary session on Monday for ten minutes, after Sánchez-García’s refusal to leave the chamber.

Vox support

From Vox they have shown their support for their deputy. In statements to the media, Macarena Olona who was seen talking with the president of Congress during the recess has considered that the application of the regulation has been “inadequate”, since Sánchez-García has not been warned of his possible expulsion after his second call to order.

On the way back the deputy finally, withdrew his words against the socialist: “Withdrawal that I have called witch, Olona has valued the performance of his group, which, in his words, “has managed to correctly apply” the internal regulations of the lower house.


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