Quality of negotiations attract the elite ATP and WTA to Mexico

In the transition from winter to spring equinox in different latitudes of Mexico, tennis players from the ATP and WTA circuit will compete. To have the confirmation of agents and players, several ingredients are needed in the power of the negotiation, in addition to the fact that the Mexican headquarters is in the eye of international sporting events that have proven the profitability of the market.

Between two WTA 250 women’s tennis competitions, which are Zapopan and Monterrey; the ATP 500 in Acapulco with the men’s circuit; and the exhibition game Tennis Show Down will appear at different times, 32 tennis players located in the Top 50 of the ranking of each circuit. The month of elite tennis events in the country began on February 19 in Zapopan and ends on March 21 with the Tennis Show Down. In addition to the fact that if you sigh deeper for the memory, just in November 2021, Zapopan exhibited its headquarters with the organization of the WTA Finals.

In each tournament, the tennis players always communicate about the warmth of the Mexican host and its culture, but in addition to the intangible values, what makes Mexico a magnet destination for elite tennis, when there is not a player who is in the top five or 10? of the world?

“Mexico has always been an interesting place for shows, not only sports, Formula 1, boxing, the NFL, the MLB, the NBA have shown it, it is not necessary in any event to have a Mexican competitor. In F1 there is Checo Pérez, but when there were no Mexican drivers, F1 was always attractive. The Mexican is a consumer of sports and brands, of teams beyond the players, in this sense, that tennis is not producing great players does not imply that tennis is not consumed, ”replies to El Economista Luis Alfredo Álvarez , tennis analyst for ESPN.

The Acapulco Open represents the best focus for attracting tennis players for a tournament and has the highest prize money with 1,204,960 dollars to be distributed. In the current edition of the premiere of its new Arena GNP Seguros, all its competitors are within the Top 100 of the ATP and 17 of them are from the Top 50. The economic benefit (with capacity) is also the largest with 750 million pesos.

“The prize money is always important, the players are attracted to come to Acapulco because it is a big tournament that distributes a good purse, plus some guarantees that the players receive and on the other hand, the fact that the next important tournament is Indian Wells. Tennis players benefit from training at sea level, with a good atmosphere and close to the route to the Masters 1000”, Álvarez expands.

In Zapopan, five tennis players from the Top 50 WTA appear on the courts of the Pan American Tennis Center, their prize pool with respect to their three editions is the highest with 239,477 dollars and the players have guaranteed income from qualy to final. first round.

“Tennis events in Mexico are in the hands of professional people who really love the sport and want to do exceptional things in our country. We are fortunate that there are entrepreneurs in the industry who are committed to this. With these types of events, we hope that seeing the stars on the court motivates future Mexican tennis players,” Gustavo Santoscoy, Director of the Zapopan WTA 250 Open, told this newspaper.

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