Despite all the criticism that weighs on the image of qatar for issues such as labor exploitation and lack of respect for human rights, the organization of their world Cup is being a success in terms of ticketing demand. According to figures issued by its directors, less than five months before the event is held, 60% of tickets have already been sold out.

During the Qatar Economic Foruman event held all week in Qatari territory to talk about different organizational and business issues, including the World Cup in November and December, it was announced that so far 1.2 million tickets have already been sold of the 2 million that were sold. they had predestined.

The number was revealed by Hassan Al-Thawadigeneral secretary of the 2022 World Cup organizing committee, who mentioned that this was achieved after the second ticket sales window, which closed in mid-June.

It should be noted that the first stage of ticket sales closed in March with a total of 804,186 tickets sold, in which the Top 3 countries with the most purchasers were the United States, England and Mexico; the second stage began on April 5 and after two months resulted in more than 400,000 seats sold, totaling just over 1.2 million.

The third stage of sales will begin on July 5 and by then only around 800,000 tickets will be available, which will confirm the 2 million foreign attendees for the world Cup. According to statements made by the organizers months before, the event made 3 million seats available, but one million were given to the sponsors and authorities invited by the FIFA.

After the first two stages, Hassan Al-Thawadi acknowledged that a “record” ticket demand was reached, reaching 40 million requests from all over the planet, which are divided into 17 million from the first stage and 23 million more of the second; therefore, barely 3% of the seats that people ask for globally have been sold.

“So people are really buying and excited to come to qatarthere is no doubt about it”, said the manager, who is one of the main people responsible for getting the infrastructure ready for the World Cup.

Regarding the latter, Al Thawadi confirmed the availability of the infrastructure for the World Cup and added that work is being done to implement the rest of the projects related to some highways that experienced delays in their implementation as a result of the circumstances that several countries in the world went through. after the pandemic and global economic fluctuations.

He stated that a series of hotels will be operating with the start of the World Cup to help diversify the offer to the guests and pointed out that the tournament will represent an opportunity for fans to travel to qatar and the countries of the region to learn about the different Arab cultures.

The capital of qatar, Doha, with a population of around 2.4 million, is preparing for the large influx of visitors, with hotel accommodation in extremely short supply. Some fans will have to stay in an estimated 1,000 traditional Qatari tents, while others will sleep on cruise ships docked in Doha.

Al Thawadi also highlighted the achievements made for the benefit of workers in Qatari territory and the laws passed that support workers’ rights, which made Qatar a pioneer in this field, contrary to what some promote, even pointing out that the State earmarked $28 billion to provide jobs during the World Cup.

According to official estimates, qatar It expects to receive up to 200,000 tourists a day by air during the World Cup, although it will only allow visitors with tickets for the matches to enter its territory, said Saïd Al Kuwari, a member of the World Cup Organizing Committee, in previous weeks. The authorization for the fans will be through a card called ‘Haya’.

Akbar al-Baker, CEO of Qatar Airways and chairman of the Qatar Ministry of Tourism, added that with the aim of increasing airlifts with the 31 countries qualified for the World Cup, flights with nations not participating in the tournament will be interrupted or reduced. In total, the country expects to receive around 1.4 million fans when the tournament takes place between November 21 and December 18.



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