There is no doubt that the country has experienced levels of corruption over the last 50 years that have slowed down national development, affecting all economic sectors and the entire population, especially the poorest.

No one can be against the fight against corruption that President López Obrador claims to be carrying out. Unfortunately, corruption in most of the government remains the same, but now accompanied by an ineptitude that is unprecedented.

There are many examples of this ineptitude that has practically stopped the government, but in the case of the health sector, this ineptitude is murderous.

After three years, the president himself acknowledges that they have not been able to with the package, both in regard to the purchases of medicines and their distribution and continues to speak of the great corruption that existed, to justify their failure.

The result is that after three years it has not been possible to guarantee the supply of medicines for people with cancer and pharmacies throughout the health sector have an unprecedented supply deficit. The ineptitude in the purchase and distribution of medicines is being much more expensive than the corruption that existed, supposing, which cannot be known because all the information is hidden, that it no longer exists.

Something similar happens with education; The education reform was canceled because it affected teachers, but there is no new proposal for modernizing public education or investing in digital systems to catch up with the rest of the world. The educational policy of this government is based exclusively on maintaining the schools.

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The ineptitude is practically in all the public offices, in the SCT, with the maintenance of highways; at work, with the failure of union democratization; in the economy, due to the brake on private sector investment, in the armed forces, due to the failure to combat crime and in general, due to the paralysis that exists in all government procedures.

The president continues to say that what matters is the honesty and not the capacity of the officials, what is happening is that they are not capable, but they are not honest either.

It is false that corruption within the public sector has ended except in the mind of the president, the only thing that has been done so far is to hide it through reserving information and with direct assignments. We all know of procurement and works contracts at the federal, state and municipal levels, where the typical 10% is still required to assign them.

This government is becoming more expensive than the previous ones, not only because the corruption is the same, but because the ineptitude of the new public officials is even more costly.

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Citizen interested in solutions for the country and Mexico City. A Mexican politician, he has been a federal deputy (1988-1991), senator (2000-2006) and head of the Miguel Hidalgo delegation (2009-2012).

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