Putin’s hidden fortune abroad

It is not known exactly the figure to which the enormous fortune of Russian President Vladimir Putin, but there are many luxury goods and real estate that appear related to his person through his trusted people and front companies. Since this Friday, both he and his foreign minister, Vladimir Lavrov, are already on the new blacklist of leaders sanctioned by the EU for his responsibility in the invasion of Ukraine. This fact implies a freezing of his assets abroad, a measure that as such does not greatly affect the president since Putin, who claims to receive an annual salary of 131,000 dollars, only admits the ownership of three cars, two from the Soviet era and an SUV with a trailer, and two apartments, one of 75 square meters in Moscow and another of 150 square meters in St. Petersburg. However, there are many more properties attributed to it.

With a net worth that, today, is valued at 63,000 million euros, according to the portal ‘Celebrity Net Worth’ and ‘Forbes’ magazine, Putin is, without a doubt, the richest man in Russia. That figure, which does not include any property abroad It could reach 180,000 million euros if some of the properties that the president is also believed to own in the shadows were counted. Similarly, Russian opponent Alexei Navalny unveiled in a video a billion-dollar palace on the Black Sea coast that appears to belong to the Russian leader and was purchased with corruption money.

These are some of the properties that are attributed to Vladimir Putin abroad:


According to the French radio station Radio Europe 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin bought in 1996 a villa in the French tourist town of Biarritz which is registered in the name of one of his daughters. The purchase price was about $400,000, says the station, which ensures that the information was confirmed by the French secret services. The villa, which is currently valued at around two million euros by real estate experts, is regularly visited by people close to Putin, the radio added, citing local sources.

At that time, Putin was an official of the St. Petersburg mayor’s office with a reduced salary, which has sparked suspicion for years in the French media that investigate the properties of the family of the Russian president in this country. Also in Biarritz, an exclusive vacation spot on the French-Basque coast (southwest of the country), is another luxurious villa on the edge of the beachbuilt in 1930 in the “art deco” style, and owned by various French media attributed to the first wife of the Russian president, recalls Europe 1.


In addition, a woman who according to Russian media would be Putin’s lover, Svetlana Krivonogikhbought a luxury apartment in Monaco in 2003 for four million dollars through a offshore company who used accounts in tax havens, according to the journalistic investigation published last October under the name of the “Pandora Papers”. This house, located in an exclusive building near the Montecarlo casino, has an approximate value of 3.6 million euros.

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Villa in Marbella

According to a series of rumors that spread from an article published in the magazine ‘Vanitatis’, Putin bought a luxury villa in Marbella in 2012, in the urbanization The Zagaleta. The spectacular ten-bedroom, 4,400-square-meter home is located on top of a private hill called ‘King’s Rock’. It has more than 18,000 square meters of plot, views of Gibraltar and the Serranía de Ronda jealously and is protected by a retaining wall could have cost about five million and a half euros to the Russian president. The mansion also has all kinds of luxury facilities, such as a shooting room, a bowling alley with several game lanes, a movie theater, a mini golf course, a spa and a gym. From the communication department of the urbanization, they assure that the property does not belong to the Russian tycoon, but to a Russian citizen with whom he shares initials and that Putin has never had any property in the area.

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