Putin receives China’s support to continue in the G-20

The Russian President, Vladimir Putinplans to attend the next G-20 summit in Indonesia later this year and received a valuable endorsement from Beijing on Wednesday, in response to suggestions by some members that Russia could be excluded from the group.

The United States and its Western allies are assessing whether Russia should remain within the Group of 20 major economies after its invasion of Ukraine, sources involved in the discussions told Reuters.

However, any move to exclude Russia would likely be vetoed by other members of the group, raising the possibility of some countries skipping G-20 meetings, the sources said.

The ambassador of Russia in Indonesia, which currently holds the rotating presidency of the G-20, said Putin intends to travel to the Indonesian resort island of Bali for the November summit.

“It will depend on many, many things, including the Covid-19 situation, which is improving. At the moment, his intention is… he wants to do it,” Ambassador Lyudmila Vorobieva told a news conference.

Asked about suggestions that Russia could be expelled from the G-20said it was a forum to discuss economic issues and not a crisis like the one in Ukraine.

“Of course, expelling Russia from this type of forum will not help solve these economic problems. On the contrary, without Russia it would be difficult to do so,” he said.

Chinawhich has not condemned the Russian invasion and criticized Western sanctions, defended Moscow on Wednesday, calling Russia an “important member” of the G-20.

The G-20 is a group that needs to find answers to critical issues, such as economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said.

“No member has the right to eliminate another country as a member. The G-20 must put into practice real multilateralism and strengthen unity and cooperation,” he told a news conference.

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