There are claims that Russia’s warlord leader Vladimir Putin requires round-the-clock medical care with several reports suggesting he is suffering from cancer and undergoing chemotherapy.

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Vladimir Putin ‘is clearly seriously ill’, says Christopher Steele

Vladimir Putin’s health has been failing for more than five years, new research into the dictator’s deteriorating condition claims.

It has been suggested that the Russian president has disappeared from the public eye for weeks since 2017.

The independent Russian media outlet Proekt carried out the study and analyzed their absences, as well as visits from specialist doctors.

Secret visits to the doctor in the last five years show that his health has been deteriorating for some time. report.

It comes as former spy Christopher Steele, who ran MI6’s Russia office in London, says Putin is seriously ill and now needs 24-hour medical care.

Putin spent decades creating an image of virulent masculinity


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He believes the 69-year-old president’s mysterious illness has left the Kremlin reeling as they grapple with Putin’s health and the war in Ukraine.

There have been a number of claims about the leader’s health, with some reports suggesting he is suffering from cancer, undergoing chemotherapy and steroid treatment, among other ailments.

Other reports suggest that Putin suffers from Parkinson’s or early-stage dementia.

Proekt’s investigation found that doctors accompanied the ailing leader wherever he went during 2016 and 2017.

But his health has been failing since at least 2017, it is claimed.


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By comparing the doctors’ check-in dates to Putin’s schedule, Proekt found that between five and 13 doctors were with Putin at all times.

These doctors included an otolaryngologist, an infectious disease specialist, a neurosurgeon, and an oncologist, among others, according to the outlet.

In November 2016, Putin disappeared from public view for about six days, only appearing in pre-recorded meetings according to Proekt.

During this time, 12 specialist doctors were admitted to the Sochi hospital, near one of Putin’s residences. These physicians included neurosurgeons, their personal physicians, and a rehabilitation specialist.

An investigation by the independent Russian media outlet Proekt examined the health of the Russian president.


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The Russian leader then disappeared in August 2017 and again in February 2018. In February, the Kremlin claimed that Putin “had caught a cold.”

During the 2017 disappearance, prominent oncologist and surgeon Evgeny Selivanov began visiting Putin, according to Proekt. The outlet claimed that the oncologist visited the Russian president 35 times in four years, with only ENT specialists seeing him more often.

The doctoral thesis is entitled: “Peculiarities of the diagnosis and surgical treatment of elderly and senile patients with thyroid cancer”.

In 2017, Putin, an avid hockey player, fell to the ice during a game. He was able to leave the arena on his own, although an orthopedic traumatologist known to treat him was admitted to a hospital near his home after the incident.

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Proekt reports that by 2019, Putin had an average of nine doctors accompanying him.

Finally, during the Covid pandemic, The New York Times reported that Putin was imposing strict quarantine measures on anyone who had to see him in person.

Anyone he met had to self-isolate for two weeks before meeting with the president before walking through a disinfectant tunnel that sprayed them with sterilizing spray. The tunnels were reportedly glowing with ultraviolet lights to further disinfect visitors.

More recently, videos of Putin looking puffy and bloated have further fueled rumors about his health problems.

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