Putin guarantees Bolsonaro the supply of fertilizers to Brazil

President Vladimir Putin assured his Brazilian counterpart by telephone on Monday, Jair Bolsonarothat Russia “is committed” to guaranteeing the “uninterrupted” supply of fertilizers to Brazil, vital for the powerful Brazilian agribusiness.

At an event in Brasilia, Bolsonaro said Monday that both leaders spoke about “food security” and “energy insecurity”, without giving further details.

But Kremlin issued a parallel statement about the telephone conversation: “Vladimir Putin stressed that Russia is committed to fulfilling its obligations to ensure the uninterrupted supply of Russian fertilizers to Brazilian farmers.”

Putin called for “restoring the architecture of free trade in food products and fertilizers, collapsed by Western sanctions” against Russia for the invasion of Ukraineaccording to the note.

World agricultural power, Brazil imports more than 80% of the fertilizers it uses, a percentage that exceeds 96% in the case of potassium, according to data from the Department of agriculture.

More than 20% of the fertilizers it imports come from Russiawhich is the main supplier of Brazil.

The invasion of Ukraine, launched in February, sparked fears in the Brazilian giant of a possible shortage of these products.

The government of Bolsonaro announced the beginning of negotiations with other foreign suppliers, mainly Canada, Jordan, Egypt and Moroccowhile seeking to reactivate the national production of fertilizers.

On Twitter, Senator Flavio Bolsonaroson of the president, recalled on Monday that his father met with Putin in February, days before the invasion of Ukraine, “to discuss, among other issues, the supply of fertilizers.”

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