Putin asks: What would happen if you placed missiles in Mexico?

Moscow. What if we put them in Canada or Mexico? Asked Russian President Vladimir Putin, referring to missiles.

He did so last Friday during his traditional annual press conference, which this time lasted less than three hours.

When asked by a journalist, Putin pointed out that it is not Russia that has to give guarantees to cool down the tension on the eastern border of Ukraine. “We have made it clear that a further NATO move to eastern (Europe) is unacceptable. “We want to guarantee our safety.” And he accused the United States of “blatantly lying to us” about the five waves of NATO expansion “since the 1990s.

“Have we put missiles near the US border? No! They have been the ones who have put weapons at our door. What if we put them in Canada or Mexico? Before, perhaps, there were no border problems between them? Who did California and Texas belong to? ”He said at one point.

End of military exercises

More than 10,000 Russian soldiers returned to their bases after a month of maneuvers in southern Russia, near the Ukrainian border, the center of tensions between the two countries.

For more than a month, the West has accused Russia of gathering tens of thousands of soldiers near the Ukrainian border, with its sights set on a possible military aggression against Kiev, something that Moscow denies.


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