Puigdemont’s lawyer says he will be free “in a few days”: ‘The arrest warrant is not enforceable’

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Carles Puigdemont’s lawyer, Gonzalo boye, ensures that the ex-president of the Generalitat will be free “in a few days” because the arrest warrant signed by Pablo Llarena “is not executable”. Furthermore, it has revealed that Among the agents who detained Puigdemont were “several Spanish policemen.”

According to Boye, the euro arrest warrant against Puigdemont is “suspended by legal imperative”, according to the Statute of the Court of Justice of the European Union. “This court has already said that the order was not enforceable and for that very reason they lifted the precautionary measures, “he explained, making it clear that” if there is a situation of risk “, such as the arrest of Puigdemont in Sardinia,” we will ask for them again. ”

In an interview on the SER this Friday, Boye pointed out that the euro arrest warrant is not in force. The lawyer recalls that “this was guaranteed by the Kingdom of Spain “in its response to the General Court of the European Union, when on July 31 it decided remove immunity because the Supreme Court had suspended the Euroorders it issued against him.

The Supreme: “It is in force”

For its part, the Supreme Court has reported that the European arrest warrant and surrender issued sedition “It has never ceased to be in force.” It should be remembered that this order was issued by the investigating judge in the case of the process, Pablo Llarena, on October 14, 2019 when the Supreme Court condemned the leaders of the Catalan sovereign process for sedition, who brought themselves to justice.

Boye has explained that the arrest warrant against Puidemont “It is still in the system until the Supreme Court withdraws it.” “The General Court told us that this does not imply that it is enforceable by any European authority,” he said.

“When a Euro order is issued, it is registered and until the Supreme Court withdraws it, it does not disappear from the system. This order, as of today, is not enforceable,” he insisted. At this point, Gonzalo Boye recalled that this situation has already occurred other times. “In Belgium, in Germany, in Scotland … but last week he was in France, he passed 50 or 60 controls and no one thought of stopping him,” he added.

Spanish agents

“Spain reported one thing to the General that it seems that it was not true or that the Supreme Court did not take notice “, he pointed out, adding that” if the Supreme Court has a different voice “from Spain” it will have a problem “because” the European court he will not allow it. ”

Pugidemont will go to court “in the next few hours”, as confirmed by Boye, who believes that he will be released in “a few days.” In addition, it has revealed that during the arrest of the ex-president there were “Spanish agents” who went to him “to identify him.”


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