Puigdemont or Sánchez’s need to change partners

The reactions of the Government partners to the arrest and subsequent release in Sardinia of the former identity Carles Puigdemont, a fugitive from the Spanish Justice since autumn 2017, show that the companies of Pedro Sanchez they are not desirable. From Podemos they tell him that “the arrest of Puigdemont is bad news”, and from separatism they take the opportunity to stage an unlikely, but unshakable, unity against the “repressive state”.

The episode shows that Puigdemont continues to be an untouchable vase and an element of agitation in Catalonia. And that, for that very reason, Moncloa understands that this outcome is the best for their interests.

Puigdemont’s arrest pushed the president Pere Aragonès to stage the end of the conciliatory spirit one week after attending the dialogue table with the Government without Junts. Yesterday he suspended his agenda for the day, made an institutional statement with the entire Government and scheduled a trip to Sardinia to raise the protest.

This overacting certifies that the radicalism of Podemos and ERC will always prevail over the loyalty requests of the PSOE.

The great paradox

It is disheartening that Moncloa agrees with the release of Puigdemont with relief. And this is so because for twenty and a half hours the agreement with ERC that allows Sánchez to approve the Budgets was shaken.

The logical reaction of the Government should have been the same as that of the majority of Spaniards and that of the Supreme Court: a feeling of frustration when seeing that the European Justice continues to protect a fugitive and that the euro order issued by Judge Llarena is little less than a piece of paper.

We are faced with the paradox that the release of the person responsible for the greatest blow to our democracy in the last forty years ends up being beneficial for Sánchez. As paradoxical as the fact that Catalonia has become a national hero who escaped the country in a trunk, while his cronies paid with jail.

Poor reliability

Despite the dramatization, it cannot be ruled out that Puigdemont sought his delivery to Spain in order to intervene once and for all in Catalan politics, so far from his exile in Waterloo. Today he is only the buffoon of the independence movement for ERC’s revelry.

However, from what happened in the last 48 hours it can be inferred that the Government’s partners and allies are not reliable travel companions. It is in its nature destabilization and disloyalty.


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