Puigdemont and Aragonès join forces in Sardinia to relaunch the ‘procés’ on 1-O

The arrest and subsequent release of the former president of the Generalitat Carles Puidgemont in Sardinia they have opened a new chapter between the Government of Spain and that of Catalonia, at the same time as they have done between ERC and Junts. The unity image of the president Pere Aragonès and Puigdemont on the Italian island has returned at least the appearance of unity to the independence movement, which was languishing due to the opposing positions of its two great formations on account of the dialogue table.

Puigdemont was arrested last Thursday under the international search and arrest warrant issued by the Supreme Court judge Pablo Llarena. 24 hours later, the Sardinian court released the politician without precautionary measures, being able to return to Waterloo but required to testify on October 4. Puigdemont, whom the pardons first and later the table left in a compromised position, considers what happened “a success”, he acknowledged this Saturday. Come back to the foreground.

He returns to the fore and makes his ’cause’, his demands, mainly “amnesty”, begin to condition the table. To give greater resonance, and given the proximity of 1-O -barely three days before having to make a statement-, he calls on his faithful to take to the streets on the fourth anniversary of the illegal referendum in protest against what he considers “repression.”

From Alghero (Italy), and supported by the most visible faces of the Government, Puigdemont reaffirmed this Saturday his commitment to “the fight” to achieve independence. “We will not give up. I will continue traveling in Europe,” he declared. The ex-president He appeared before the media in a rather humorous tone, without hiding his satisfaction, and it was the delegation of the Government that briefly and forcefully dispatched the most against the Government of Pedro Sanchez.

Aragonès, also before the media, proclaimed that “the repression of the Spanish State continues” and that “the only solution is amnesty.” The president of the Generalitat also requested “the withdrawal of all arrest warrants and the demand for a political solution, which should be amnesty and recognition of the exercise of the right to self-determination.”

At his side, his vice president, Jordi Puigneró, was more direct in his claims to Moncloa, claiming that it is difficult to “dialogue” under these conditions.

Dardo to Sánchez and ERC

Regarding the dialogue table, Puigdemont affirmed that Sánchez only “wants to dialogue with those who give it parliamentary support“-about ERC- and he regretted that there is” a pro-independence part, no less, that is not in the plans “of the Prime Minister, referring in the latter case to Junts.

He did not miss an opportunity ex-president de, in English and Catalan, to emphasize to the press of different nationalities that “Spain never misses the opportunity to make a fool of itself” and that the decisions of the Belgian or now Italian justice are not the “exception” but the norm in Europe , pointing to his country as the only one that navigates against the current in matters such as the ‘procés’.

“They have been difficult hours, but not unthinkable, knowing the path that Spain has been taking in the last four years to try to prevent our freedom of movement, of words, of action and of political commitment. Quite the opposite of the European democracy that we want. , a Europe where the right to freedom of expression, self-determination and political dissent are deeply respected, “he explained.

“I am happy with the final result. Our political and legal arguments have been proven. The arguments were very solid. The Italian justice has taken a few hours to make a decision that Spain has not taken for four years,” he said, to conclude: “The Catalonia’s future does not pass through Spain “.

The table, “in danger”

ERC spokesperson in Congress, Gabriel Ruffian, said this Saturday that the table with Moncloa is “in danger” after the arrest of Puigdemont, although he does not see an “alternative” to the dialogue path to achieve the goals of separatism.

Rufián warned in an interview with Catalunya Ràdio that “there are many people willing to blow up this negotiation scenario”, which is why he considers that “the dialogue table must be protected, isolated and vindicated more than ever”.

In the same line is its president of ranks, Oriol Junqueras. The former Catalan vice president also openly defends the continuity of the dialogue table, but not with Puigdemont detained or handed over to Spain.

“We maintain our commitment to the will to negotiate, but we are obliged to denounce that these are not the appropriate circumstances to transmit an effective negotiation.”

Puigdemont wants to relaunch the ‘procés’ on 1-O from the hand of ERC. Republicans, who have turned to him since the arrest became known, are aware of the risks of the renewed unity of action: the ex-president Escaped only believes in the table because he believes that he will fail and will manage to trigger the independence movement. However, now yes, he has managed to enter and influence her.


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