Puebla shopping centers expect to generate 60% of the economic income from El Buen Fin

Puebla, Pue. Of the 8,500 million pesos that they plan to raise in the state during The good end In the 11th edition, 60% of said economic income will be generated by the shopping centers, in addition they will hire 10% more personnel.

The director of the Association of Shopping Centers of Puebla (Acecop), Andrés De La Luz Espinoza, who represents 74 complexes located in this city and its metropolitan area, stressed that they are ready to receive not only local buyers, but also national buyers.

He indicated that of the 6 million visits they have per month, 30% will be only from November 10 to 16 for the campaign of promotions and discounts.

He stated that 70% of the visitors come from neighboring states such as Tlaxcala, Tabasco, Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Morelos, Veracruz and even of Queretaro, due to the fact that there are large shopping centers, which represent a second option to later discover a tourist attraction.

Puebla is propped up with its shopping centers as a tourist destination at the level of what the gastronomic corridors, churches and architectural buildings in the Baroque style generate, he said.

He explained that a visitor spends between two and four hours in a shopping center, where 70% buy clothes and footwear, while the rest buy electronic devices.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, The complexes had been making investments to remodel and expand them with more premises and parking spaces, this from 2014 to 2019, so that in the next Good End a 50% increase in the influx of buyers is expected, he estimated.


De La Luz Espinoza commented that with the promotions campaign, it is also expected to open 10% more jobs, but temporary, which will be required for the entire Christmas season and until after January 7, although it is not a final decision.

He indicated that during the 2019 edition, 30% more employees were hired for all areas, with respect to the 20,000 direct jobs generated by the 74 shopping centers affiliated to the Acecop.

The complexes are currently representing an important part of the local economy, since as a sector they contribute 30% to the state’s Gross Domestic Product, without being given due recognition yet, he stressed.

He considered that if tourists choose to visit them, state authorities should take that into account to further promote Puebla, which would help speed up the economic recovery.

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