Puebla manufacturing, without recovering production levels

Puebla, Pue. It will cost Puebla’s economy to recover almost 11,900 jobs if the manufacturing industry, led by the automotive sector, does not resume its production level, which is affected by the shortage of components, which is causing constant technical stoppages, said Luis Espinosa Rueda, president of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (Canacintra).

Although last May there was a 4.3% increase in formal jobs in the state, accounting for 616,137, “the reality is that it has not reached the levels prior to the pandemic, since in February 2020 there were 628,017.”

The Puebla manufacturing industry continues to be supported by Volkswagen de México and its supply chain, which is forced to stop a shift or suspend production for a day as long as the supply of components is not regularized.

As a result of the pandemic, logistics operations have been affected and there is an irregularity that does not allow the automotive industry “to pick up the pace at 100% and, to solve it, technical stoppages are carried out, which is worrying because it is a thriving sector in the local economy”.

The businessman indicated that the Puebla industry in general is going through a moment of delays in the arrival of supplies, despite the fact that the expectation was that this problem and others would be overcome more firmly this year, but it has not been achieved.

He commented that if at least 40% of the total jobs are recovered in the second semester, the Private Initiative should see it as something positive in the context that it has been more than two difficult years due to the health contingency.


Espinosa Rueda said that in the automotive sector there is still a contraction of the car market worldwide, which has repercussions in Puebla because its exports are concentrated mainly in the production of Volkswagen de México, which is a pillar of the state’s economic development.

In this sense, he added that opening vacancies has been complicated, since only the necessary ones are requested for some areas, where there is no automation in production.

He said that automation has been implemented more since the so-called dieselgate, a scandal caused by manipulated diesel engines in Volkswagen vehicles and detected in the United States during September 2015.

“When the industries of the sector see a contraction of the market and that it would continue for this year, then there is no choice but to invest in automation to reduce operating expenses, because in a diagnosis that they have made, there are up to three people for the same activity” , maintained Luis Espinosa Rueda.

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