Puebla hoteliers ask for resources for tourism promotion

Puebla, Pue. Due to the Covid-19 contingency that has impacted the economy, the Poblana Association of Hotels and Motels asked that what is collected by the Lodging Tax for 2022 be redirected to the tourist promotion in general and not only in support of the Magic Towns and security.

Gustavo Ponce de León Tobón, executive director of the organization, with 320 partners, commented that the collection of 3% of this tax should serve to put together a national promotion campaign to help not only his sector, but all providers of service, who do not stop suffering low influx of visitors and diners.

He pointed out that it will be a necessary and urgent measure, hoping that Puebla and the rest of the country will overcome the health contingency in mid-2022.

He mentioned that the authorities should prioritize the money from the collection of the Lodging Tax to speed up the reactivation of tourism, “because it is obvious that at this time tourism is taking steps to recover, but income is not yet reflected.”

The manager recalled that in 2019 30 million pesos were allocated to the launch of a promotion campaign at the national level, to increase visits from other states, highlighting the gastronomic, heritage and experience tourism sectors, while in 2020 no there was due to the contingency and in this year he did not know how much was budgeted.

“Abroad they attended international fairs to publicize the offer of Puebla, but the bulk of our visitors continues to be nationals, for this reason we opted for a promotional campaign in the media of the entities ”, he pointed out.


He trusted that the state authorities will consider the request and, with this, they can jointly put together a promotional plan to attract more visitors in seasons, such as the elderly and religious.

Ponce de León Tobón explained that his entire body was in favor of resuming the tax in 2019, but that it has objectives of supporting the service provider sector and not just a group, since the effects of Covid-19 they are in general and specific actions are required to overcome the economic crisis and maintain the 6,000 jobs that we have.

He recalled that at the time when the Convention Bureau existed, where the service providers were, actions were guaranteed because they participated in international fairs to promote Puebla.

He commented that the commitment at that time was to give tangible results to have a greater tourist presence in the countries that were visited, but at the same time to strengthen the presence.

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