Puebla City Council goes with a reactivation plan for the sectors that suffered the most from the coronavirus pandemic

Puebla, Pue. The Puebla city council prepares a plan to reactivate the gastronomic corridors, where there were more than 50% of businesses that closed or went bankrupt as a result of the economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The head of the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism and Municipal Culture, Alejandro Cañedo Priesca, stated that with the total reopening of economic activities, it is urgent to support restaurants so that they have greater promotion, taking care that sanitary measures are observed.

He indicated that with the support of the Municipal Planning Institute (Implan), they carry out a mapping to detect the number of businesses and business lines to integrate a strategy, which implies allocating resources that also consider promoting entrepreneurship.

He commented that each of the gastronomic corridors requires a special strategy, which not only helps to recover sales but also the jobs lost due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Puebla city council seeks, together with the restaurant businessmen, to attract more customers, not only from the municipality, but from other parts of the country.

He indicated that this plan will go hand in hand with supporting the opening of businesses without the cost of paperwork, as long as they are not dedicated to the sale of alcoholic beverages.


Cañedo Priesca said that the municipal government, which will fulfill its first week of functions this Friday, aims to attract more Foreign direct investment (FDI), the internationalization of Puebla products, as well as the development and maintenance of businesses.

He stressed that supporting companies for a greater presence in other countries contributes to the positive image of the municipality, which is required for economic reactivation.

On the other hand, he said that they are looking for migrants in the United States who have developed entrepreneurially to reinvest in Angelopolis, with the purpose of installing factories and trading companies.

However, he stated that it will take a while to do so, since the first thing is to accelerate the economic recovery that was diminished by the health contingency

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