Puebla appears as the executioner of America

América has ruled in its eight undefeated in Clausura 2022 by order, a change of face in the squad that was presented under the command of coach Fernando Ortiz.

However, there is still a ghost to chase away: the elimination in the quarterfinals. In the first leg, Puebla at the Cuauhtémoc stadium, showed América that it can be their new executioner, as were Chivas, Pachuca and Pumas, three tournaments ago.

First with Fernando Aristeguieta’s goal, at minute 55 for Puebla and later, with Sebastián Cáceres’s goal at 80′ that tied the game 1-1. With this marker, a pass is given to the Azteca stadium to make things clear on Saturday in the return leg.

The Eagles return to Mexico City with two injured, Richard Sánchez and Federico Viñas, who was transferred by ambulance and with the yellow card of Cáceres.

América tried to show muscle on offense with scoring opportunities from Henry Martín, Alejandro Zendejas and Diego Valdés. The Chilean is the one who has scored the most goals in the season with the club, with five.

Memo Ochoa prevented Aristeguieta from scoring two more goals, one early, at minute 5 when the goalkeeper parried with his shin. And the second at 56′.

América has been the only team on the circuit that has qualified directly for the league since the playoff scheme began and in this tournament it moved Puebla to fifth place in the general table, which is the reclassification zone. Puebla as a local then added its second defeat, while America as a visitor has been able to get four draws.

San Luis challenges the leader of the Pachua tournament

With a last minute goal, Atlético de San Luis managed to rescue the 2-2 draw at home against Pachuca, in the first leg of the Quarterfinals. Germán Berterame scored for the Potosí team from the penalty spot at 25′, and Juan Sanabria in added time. Striker Nicolás Ibáñez scored a brace for the Tuzos.

On Saturday at the Hidalgo Stadium the first semifinalist will be defined.

In this league format, the away goal does not count, but rather the table position.

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