Puebla, Pue. The Ministry of Economy The state government supports six investment projects, including the announcement of the installation of an electric vehicle assembly plant by Link EV Electric Vehicles, which will represent a total of 1,760 direct jobs when all are completed.

Olivia Solomon Vibaldo, head of the unit, emphasized that these are projects in the field of agribusiness, tools, medical and hospital services, as well as textiles and clothing, important activities for the entity.

He explained that work is being done on the basis of the productive vocations of the entity and the promotion of competitiveness in the consolidation – together with 120 businessmen – of the groups of education, agribusiness, energy, information technology and business services, as well as textile clothing and basic neighborhoods.

Furthermore, the administration of Miguel Barbosa Huerta plans to build a new industrial park San Martin Texmelucan with the infrastructure needed to establish investments, which are deemed to be done with their own resources, due to “sound finances”.

The government official even said that the regulation of the industrial park of the municipality of Tehuacán is being carried out to give legal certainty to the established companies as well as to attract others to the area.

Salomón Vibaldo noted that they are working on the restoration of Ciudad Modelo and the promotion of an electromobility center in the complex, for which two projects announced last year are in process adding 2,300 more jobs, along with 450 million dollars anchored by nine countries between January and September 2021.

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The Ministry of Economy He emphasized that from March 2020 to December 2021, the IMSS had 1,101 new company registrations. Work is also being done on the training of human capital by the Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Business (CIEN).

industrial sector

In this regard, Barbosa Huerta believes that the entity is very attractive to the industrial sector, hence the promotion of manufacturing complexes, where it still has the capacity to house more companies.

He reiterated that he continues to meet local and foreign businessmen to learn more about their needs and that the state administration can help them within its powers.

Just last Tuesday it became known by Switch to EV electric vehicles the $ 265 million investment for an assembly of electric vehicles in the vicinity of Ciudad Modelo in San José Chiapas, which will provide 400 direct jobs in a first phase.

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