The report that the UDEF sent to the judge investigating the alleged case corruption in the Sports Council of L’Hospitalet is devastating in the case of Christian Alcazar, who still holds the post of deputy mayor. The police at least consider him responsible for allowing some irregularities actively or passively. A budget lower than the actual expenses of the entity was recorded, some subsidies were not justified, improper expenses were allowed to be charged and an organization financed 100% by the public treasury was allowed to raise for profit tree. The judge will determine, and already begin to have sufficient elements to do so, which of those under investigation (Alcázar, Cristian Plaza – who left his post as councilor-, Eduard Galí and Núria Marín himself) should remain so and for which misdade. But, seeing the report that has now become known, Alcázar’s situation makes him, at least politically, to continue in the position he is in, since he was both judge and jury in the events under investigation, and at the same time was part of the Consell Esportiu and the council body that was supposed to audit him , in which he controls the officials who intervened in the files. That fact may not ultimately be criminal if it did not enrich him or if it merely served to disguise others’ irregularities. Anyway, what is worthy is that he resigns his positions and his record as his colleague Plaza did or, in his case, that the mayor separate himself from the responsibilities he still holds, as Salvador Illa must do in the case of the first secretary of the local group of the PSC.

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