Publisher | The pacts that Spain deserves

The Conference of Presidents held this weekend in La Palma ended with a four-point declaration that represents the first transversal political pact in Spanish politics for a long time. An agreement in which the spirit expressed by the president of the Xunta de Galicia and president ‘in pectore’ of the PP was key, Alberto Nunez Feijoo -“we are going to help lend a hand”-, in clear contrast to the solitary and sterile search for conflict by the president of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso. From the disloyal and irresponsible attitude of Paul Married from trying to torpedo the processing of European funds in Madrid and Brussels, to the commitment to promote their execution in a coordinated manner, one of the four generic agreements reached together with those to support the proposals of the President of the Government to reform the European energy marketto collaborate in the reception of ukrainian refugees and to respond to the complicated economic situation to which the conflict is dragging us, including the reduction of certain taxes.

It is this type of agreement that Spain needs and deserves. And not only in the face of the emergency raised after the outbreak of a war at the gates of the EU. There are other emergencies, entrenched problems and urgent reforms in which it is necessary for the main opposition party to abandon a blocking attitude to, also, “grow the shoulder”. They are not few. The renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary; tax reform; the search for formulas of territorial balance between emptied geographies, underfinanced communities and beneficiaries of fiscal ‘dumping’; consensus on foreign policy matters; the necessary reforms in the institution of the Crown; the offer of positive proposals, not only the recognition of the dead end of the ‘procés’, for the conflict in Catalonia; the reform of pensions, when the commitments reached reach the difficult moment of making them a reality; the huge demands to modify the production model to make the energy transition a reality… In each and every one of these challenges there are opportunities to fuel discontent (and Vox will undoubtedly do so) and reasons to act as a government party and go in search of solutions.

It is time for Núñez Feijóo to demonstrate that the outbursts of Isabel Díaz Ayuso in search of the applause of the electorate and the media environment that she shares with Vox are a discordant note. And to show, also to his astonished European partners, that the government agreement with the extreme right in Castilla y León is an exception and that, once he is at the head of the machinery of the main opposition party, his will will be to explore any alternative that parliamentary arithmetic allows.

For their part, the Socialists can be tempted to think that a PP tied to Vox in each of its movements and future prospects guarantees the mobilization of the left-wing electorate. It is not even clear, in terms of electoral performance, that Pedro Sanchez have more incentives to let Núñez Feijóo end up in the arms of Santiago Abascal than in look for real spaces of understanding. But even if it were so – and the polls do not seem to corroborate it – such an electoral calculation would be profoundly irresponsible. Thus, not only the imminent president of the Popular Party has duties to fulfill and responsibilities to exercise.

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