Publisher | Mobile leaves the pandemic behind

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) It was in 2020 the first major event to be suspended due to the coronavirus, when very few still predicted the effects that the contagious disease would have. That cancellation became the prelude to the nightmare that we lived later, and that has had a strong impact on practically all areas of our lives. Two years later, and after an edition, that of 2021, of circumstances, the MWC once again offers the world an edition that connects with that of 2019 and becomes for Barcelona and Catalonia the threshold that marks the before and after. The end of the tunnel. As the director of the Fira de Barcelona has recalled, Constanti Serrallongathe Mobile is the great event called to mark the gradual return to normal and to return confidence to companies, professionals and citizens.

The fair, which begins this Monday and will close on Thursday, hopes to receive between 40,000 and 60,000 visitors, twice as many as last year’s edition, and there are 10,000 rooms reserved, between hotels and apartments. Although Mobile 2022 will still be far from 2019, which attracted a record 110,000 visitors, will contribute about 240 million euros to our economy. Let’s not expect to break record numbers this year -as used to be announced every year at the close of each edition-: if in 2021 the merit was having resisted the onslaught of the pandemic, in this 2022 an improvement that indicates the growing return of visitors and businesses the fair will already be considered a success, a lever for the following editions. The organizers of the MWC believe so and are convinced that pre-pandemic levels will be reached again very soon. It is to be hoped that, by then, it has also advanced towards real parity between men and women, today far (only 35% of congress speakers are women). Encouraging female participation in the Barcelona mobile fair would make it a good showcase and example towards equality in a sector, the technological one, very masculinized and that, in addition, he has starred in some notorious sexist scandals.

El Mobile, which debuts president in the figure of the number one of Telefónica, Jose Maria Alvarez-Palletehas not been able and has not wanted to isolate itself from what is happening in the world, something that has led the organization to eliminate the Russian flag, after the military invasion of Ukraine ordered by Vladimir Putin.

In the technological field, the current edition of Mobile arrives marked by the extension of 5G and it may also be the edition in which the metaverse begins to conquer the central place that many predict for it. Although this technology, which allows you to live immersively in a virtual universe, is still in its infancy, it could become the new internet.

The Mobile, the world’s most important fair in its sector, has strongly helped Barcelona and its area of ​​influence have become a benchmark for its technology-based business ecosystem. Let us remember that Mobile began its journey in 2006 and has a contract with Barcelona until 2024. It is a strategic objective of the first order that the MWC stays in the city well beyond that date. The mobile continuity it should unite the efforts of all the actors concerned, both politicians and civil society.

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