It’s all about perspective. The withdrawal from Afghanistan, chaotic and improvised, blackens the start of Joe Biden’s mandate. But it responds deeply to the aspirations of the American people. Washington veteran, pure product of the political elite for more than four decades, Joe Biden seems to have sided with the majority against the advice of experts. Among them, many recommended maintaining a minimal military presence, without really offering a viable alternative.

By imposing at all costs the departure from Afghanistan, like amputating to save the essential, the Democratic President has bet on a rare subject of consensus. The polls show him partly right. According to a study Washington Post-ABC News published on September 3, 78% of those questioned support the principle of a withdrawal, but, among them, 52% do not like the method employed, botched, concluded by the death of 13 soldiers in a bombing. Kabul airport. Joe Biden’s overall approval rating fell below 50% for the first time in the past three weeks. On the other hand, a majority, in both camps, is in favor of welcoming refugees (68% in total).

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As the stunned outside world watched the Kabul debacle and questioned the credibility of the United States, Joe Biden had his eyes fixed on the finish line. Or rather starting. His bet: nothing can outweigh the deep desire of the Americans to put an end to the cycle of wars ruinous in lives and in dollars, without identified national interests or attainable objectives. To finally turn the page of this twenty-year commitment, he was even ready to accept the delicate idea of ​​the abandonment of American citizens – a hundred – on the spot. Fox News does not miss an opportunity to put him on trial.

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The return of the “blob”

Unsurprisingly, criticism rained on the White House. But their authors themselves sometimes had some accounts to report on the war in Afghanistan, the print media noted. the Washington post noted, for example, the regular presence on news channels of former officials such as Leon Panetta, secretary of defense under Obama, or John Bolton, who served under the Bush and Trump administrations. Not to mention the former high ranking officers who have prospered in the private sector, such as General Stanley McChrystal.

In his memoir, Robert Gates, former defense secretary (2006-2011), writes that Joe Biden “Has been wrong on almost every subject of foreign policy and national security over a span of forty years.” Corn Robert Gates is the absolute embodiment of “Blob”. The Blob (Planetary danger) is a fairly kitsch sci-fi film from 1958, in which headlining Steve McQueen takes on a voracious alien mass. Then the expression was popularized in 2016 in Washington by another young prodigy, Ben Rhodes, former adviser and pen of Barack Obama. He thus wanted to designate, in a sarcastic way, the bipartisan consensus that had existed for decades on foreign policy, in particular in favor of military interventionism with a catastrophic record, in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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