Public media must be free and plural, they tell Villamil in San Lázaro

At the meeting of the Chamber of Deputies’ Radio and Television Commission with the Public Broadcasting System (SPR) on Tuesday, Deputy Luis Mendoza Acevedo (PAN), president of the legislative commission, called for approval a budget for public media that allows for a dignified, plural, diverse and high-quality broadcasting system for Mexicans.

The legislator affirmed that as president of the Commission he will listen with plurality to the experts to give the legal tools for the benefit of a more plural and free radio and television.

The public media must be, more than anyone else, in favor of the people, without ideological doctrines, without philias or phobias, without political preferences, but above all without radicalism, “he stressed.

Mendoza stressed that during the most severe crisis of the pandemic, public media contributed to counteracting false information and generating valuable content.

In his speech, Jenaro Villamil Rodríguez, president of the Public Broadcasting System (SPR), highlighted that the budget for fiscal year 2022, of 998 million, will be allocated to the training of personnel, as well as the creation of content with its own resources and Coverage in the country will be strengthened, reaching 77%, with the goal of consolidating 20 new Altavoz Radio stations and completing the construction of 14 digital television stations, among others.

The members of the commission proposed the creation of forums to analyze the programming guidelines of public channels to prevent them from being used by the federal Executive or the interests of power groups.

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