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Police departments often remind the public that 911 should be used for emergencies only, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t getting calls yet.

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The Peel Regional Police is reiterating the purpose of 911 once again because some people are not receiving it yet.

in a cheep On Friday, officers released the audio of a call from a man who first wanted an ambulance, then quickly corrected his police request.

The 911 operator is immediately wary, and rightly so, as the caller proceeds to tell him he has to use the bathroom “and these guys aren’t moving,” presumably referring to the traffic he was stuck in.

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“Do you have to pee?” the dispatcher asks with such disbelief you can practically feel his eyes widen. “This is your emergency, what do you have to pee?”

When the caller answers yes, the operator asks the man another interesting question (although, unfortunately, it was not “Do you know you called the Peel police and not the pee police?”)

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