Provisional prison for a 19-year-old girl for killing her baby in Artesa de Segre

The Court of Lleida has rejected the defense appeal and has confirmed the penalty for risk of flight and the seriousness of the facts

The Court of Lleida has confirmed the pretrial detention for the woman arrested forto the death of her three-month-old baby in Artesa de Segre (Noguera) reported on February 28.

Thus, the court has rejected the appeal of the defense, which requested the release, when it has considered that there was a risk of flight and due to the seriousness of the facts.

Balaguer investigating judge 1 ordered on March 4 provisional prison reported and without bail for the mother and father of the child, but the Chamber has not yet ruled on the man, since the defense appeals were filed separately.

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Thus, although the couple explained in court that They found her son, a few months old, dead.the preliminary forensic report revealed that there was “strong” indications of criminality.

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The baby’s parents are a 32-year-old man and a 19-year-old girl of Brazilian nationality. The events took place at seven in the morning of February 28.

The Mossos received a notice according to whichl System of Medical Emergencies (SEM) had had to assist a baby in cardio-respiratory arrest. But, after the efforts of the toilets to revive him, she finally died. The Mossos arrested the parents on March 1 and the court sent them to prison on March 4.

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