Protester sued for threatening Justin Trudeau

A 32-year-old protester was arrested for making death threats against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during an election trip in late August, Canadian police said on Friday.

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In recent weeks, with each exit of the outgoing Prime Minister, a crowd of opponents follows him and protest noisily against the health measures put in place. At the start of the week, he was even the target of jets of gravel, which did not injure him.

The death threats were aimed directly at the leader of the Liberal Party who was traveling on August 29 on the subject of climate change in Cambridge, 100 km west of Toronto.

The man threatened to “hurt or kill” Justin Trudeau, regional police spokesperson Cherri Greeno told AFP, who also reported “threats posted online”.

He is due to appear before a judge on September 27.

A Canadian army reservist who broke into the area where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau resides with multiple firearms was sentenced in March to six years in prison.


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