The current economic crisis represents new challenges to obtain the best return on our investments; In recent months, inflation has remained above 7%, which means that money saved in bank accounts or in investment vehicles does not generate returns.

Searching for financial mechanisms that reduce the inflationary effect has become imperative. There are different financial tools that offer moderate returns above inflation, but one of the safest alternatives is investment in housing.

The president of Grupo Inmobiliario Zona Poniente (GIZP) Fernando Rodríguez Bustamante, explained that the yield through real estate is close to 6%, so that despite the existence of new investment mechanisms with greater utility, investing in bricks continues to be one of the the surest instruments to stop the economic impact.

When acquiring a home, stability and financial freedom are obtained, but it also grants the advantage of capital gains, that is, the value of the property can increase over time, which allows the owner to obtain higher returns if at any time he requires or decides sell your home.

And in the case of those who buy a home to rent it, they have the advantage of being able to pay for the property with what is received monthly for rent. If this is the case, Daniel Narváez, VP of Marketing at Lamudi, recommends setting a horizon of between five or eight years to liquidate the new asset.

During the last year we have identified that some buyers make their first acquisition from an investor profile to generate extra income, while they still live at their parents’ house, with a family member or friends,” said Christian Stangl Country Manager CDMX of La Haus.

Acquiring a property that appreciates over time and obtains capital gains while periodically generating fixed income sounds attractive. According to the real estate proptech La Haus, during the second half of 2021, 40% of home purchases were aimed at renting the property.

Buying a home in a win-win model

The first step for a home buyer is to know their purchasing power, or indebtedness in the case of mortgage loans. A big mistake is to fantasize about prices that do not exist in the market, the purchase of a home must adapt to the buyer’s pocket.

On the other hand, it is necessary to have a clear idea about the use of the home, whether to live in it, as a vacation home or to generate extra income. The correct purchase will allow not only to acquire real estate, but also an asset that can generate future returns through the sale or rental of the property.

Fernando Bustamante advises that from the first moment the investment of a home begins, the buyer analyzes how long it will take to sell the property, for this he must review the services that the property has, characteristics of the area in which it is located , as well as the rental price of the surrounding houses.

In the event that the buyer thinks of renting the property, Daniel Narváez recommends estimating a maximum of 1% of the total amount of the house as monthly rental value. Real estate agents recommend buying a house in consolidated areas, which have already generated appreciation; however, reconversion zones also stand out as strategic points, these properties are characterized by being located near consolidated areas that for some reason have not obtained the benefits of a large infrastructure, so they are not being valued but are close to being.

Capital gain, fundamental element

The capital gain is the differentiated value between the price at which a property was purchased and its current cost, it usually changes year after year, depending on aspects such as the size and construction of the property, location and the growth of the area, as well as demographic demand. .

The cities of Querétaro and Monterrey reflect the increase in the value of homes, according to the Inmuebles24 platform in 2019 the price per square meter in the municipality of Guadalupe was 8,962 pesos, currently the square meter in the area has a cost of 33,828 pesos.

While in Querétaro the average price for the historic center was 16,803 pesos per square meter in 2019, today it has a value of 31,108 pesos per square meter.

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