Prostitution and loneliness: the darkest days of the false victim of Malasaña away from his Andalusian family

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The young man from 20 years who denounced the alleged homophobic aggression by eight hooded men last Sunday in the Malasaña neighborhood of Madrid has spent one of the worst weeks of his life. “I just want the earth to swallow me up,” he told EL ESPAÑOL on Wednesday when he left his house. It was that day when, questioned by the police and overwhelmed by the politicization and media coverage of the case, he acknowledged that he had fabricated a story. “I just wanted my wounds to be healed and my identity to be kept a secret,” he told officers.

The young man had met with two men who recorded the word “fag” with a cutter in his buttock. The practice, he explained to the police, was consented. But it was not a pleasant time. “That it is a consensual context does not imply that someone likes that cause physical injury or how it happened “, reported police sources working on the case to Abc this week.

The boy would have repented and wanted to protect a relationship that had just started with another young man. He wanted to hide his shame and forget the bad time, although he chose one of the worst ways to do it: falsify a crime. The young man would have been doomed when his partner, with whom he lives, saw the injuries and urged him to report. He never wanted to inform the police about what happened. Once the first lie was told to her boyfriend, there was no going back, and she continued forward without calculating the consequences of what she would do next.

False account

Thus, the two young people left the apartment where they live on Sunday afternoon, in one of the streets near the Plaza del Dos de Mayo from the central neighborhood of Malasaña. They saw a patrol car of the National Police and told the two agents that eight hooded men in black sweatshirts got into the portal with it. That they began to insult him by shouting “fag”. That he confronted them verbally. That they pounced on him and pinned him against the wall at razor point.

He said that they threw him to the ground and that, immobilized by some, another engraved the word on his buttocks. That, in the meantime, they yelled at him “Fag”, “shit eater” and “disgusting”. That they said something about the antichrist. That an old lady saw what was happening from the street and caught their attention, and that, finally, they ran away. The patrol told them that they had to go to the police station to report and seek medical attention, which they did at the Hospital de la Fundación Jiménez Díaz.

The portal of the false complainant, where there was no aggression.

The portal of the false complainant, where there was no aggression.


The young man then filed the complaint at the Central District Police Station of the capital, relating the above. He added that the events took place around 5:15 p.m. on the same Sunday, in broad daylight. That made the agents suspicious. In their first investigations, they found no witnesses or trace of the alleged hooded group in the recordings of security cameras in the area.

The avalanche that then came over the young man was immense. He began to see how his complaint became, overnight, a matter of national importance. A “brutal” aggression in which only the injuries he had suffered were true, but not the way or how they had been produced.

Male prostitution

According to police sources, the meeting in which he was injured occurred after the two men hired his services through a gay dating page. The boy eventually practiced male prostitution and the profile in which he advertised himself was still active the week before, before the events happened.

Through this profile, the agents contacted other men who had had sex with him on other occasions. After questioning them, one of them explained that the boy had performed sadomasochistic practices in the past.

Besides prostituting himself, the boy was alone in Madrid. “He has no one”, assured the landlord of the apartment where he resides in the capital, through two acquaintances of his with whom EL ESPAÑOL has spoken. The landlord has offered to reveal your identity in exchange for money, something this newspaper has rejected. It is about a Latin American man who subleases the 255 square meter apartment to a dozen young people like the complainant. This is stated in the cadastre, although it is true that the attic of that building is divided into four doors.

An LGTBI flag in the Plaza del Dos de Mayo.

An LGTBI flag in the Plaza del Dos de Mayo.


The landlord has also added that the boy is now under police protection, something that the Civil Guard is unaware of and that the National Police has not wanted to confirm or deny, since it does not give information regarding protected persons.

Two acquaintances of the boy have also told this newspaper that he used to frequent a popular gay bar in Chueca with shows of drag queens. “He used to spend every night there,” says one, who only knows him by sight and by hearsay, and who doesn’t even know his name. “He has messed it up very badly”, Add. The same feeling is breathed in the streets of Chueca, where passersby do not comment otherwise in the bars and terraces.

The manager of a BDSM (sadomasochism) shop very close to the aforementioned bar has assured that “this is a game”, in reference to what he sells in his store. The recording “fag” with a cutter “is savage.”

The young man had recently lived in the Malasaña apartment and had been in Madrid for a short time. As this newspaper has learned, his family is from Andalusia. On Wednesday, the boy confessed, in the brief exchange of words with this newspaper and a team from the program Four a day, that your intention it was to return to his family. It is unknown if he has left Madrid.

That dice the prosecution?

What remains to be seen now is whether there will be criminal consequences for this young man for inventing a lie of such depth that he has mobilized some thirty agents for three days. It has also generated an extensive debate on hate crimes, the presumption of guilt and endless comments.

During the interrogation in which the young man finally confessed to the deception, the commissioner assured him that nothing would happen if he confessed, that there would be no criminal consequences. But who decides that is the Prosecutor’s Office, not the National Police. Article 457 of the Penal Code states that simulation of a crime occurs when a person “pretends to be responsible or the victim of a criminal offense” or “report a nonexistent one”, as happened with the false episode of the hooded men.

A neighbor from Malasaña goes out to the street with a rainbow bag.

A neighbor from Malasaña goes out to the street with a rainbow bag.


Despite this, he points out that the accusation must have provoked “procedural actions” and in this case, in principle, it has only involved an investigation by the National Police without the Prosecutor’s Office being informed. The case is pending distribution among the Madrid investigating courts, according to legal sources cited by Efe.

If someone were presented as a popular accusation, the case would be opened. If not, the Prosecutor’s Office will have the last word on this matter. In case of not requesting the imputation of the individual, the case will be archived and will only remain in a memory that this young man will want to erase forever.

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