“Prosecutor’s Office must prosecute, not only dissuade, evaders”

Given the appointment of Félix Arturo Medina Padilla to the head of the Federal Tax Prosecutor’s Office (PFF), experts on the subject indicated that the work done by Carlos Romero Aranda should continue to combat tax evasion, where a strategy It should be not only to deter taxpayers, but to prosecute all those who break the law.

One of the issues that echoed the most was the criminal tax reform that was promoted by the government to go against the so-called invoicing companies.

At the time, Romero Aranda defended the idea that with these modifications “the party is over” for the so-called white-collar criminals.

“One of the most important modifications was the toughening of the laws on criminal tax matters. It was seen as a mechanism to pressure, to dissuade taxpayers from committing improper practices, such as tax crimes. The idea was even raised that it was not necessary to initiate criminal proceedings if the perpetrators corrected themselves, ”said Juvenal Lobato, a professor at UNAM.

In this sense, he pointed out that it was an attempt to end the party, so now it is necessary not only to dissuade taxpayers, but also to really go after those who have defrauded the treasury. “Unfortunately they stayed only in the discourse of deterrence.”

For her part, Karla Ortiz, a member of the National Association of Business Lawyers (ANADE), commented that any procedure that is carried out must be carried out with strict adherence to the rule of law, in order not to harm people who may turn out to be innocent.

“The Attorney General’s Office is one of the most important organisms of the public administration. Its challenge is to continue with the policy of the Federal Executive and, above all, the defense of the administration. A great effort has been made to combat tax evasion, but care must always be taken to respect procedures and fundamental rights ”, said the expert.

Benefit of the doubt

Although Medina Padilla has already held public office, his experience in tax matters is not clear; However, analysts said that with his career he may have the “benefit of the doubt” to fulfill the tasks of the attorney general’s office.

Likewise, his appointment was a surprise given that Romero Aranda was one of the most prominent officials of the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in charge of promoting different tax modifications and defending them against the criticism they generated.

Medina Padilla is a teacher in law from the UNAM, he has served in public positions as undersecretary of the Government of the CDMX; Head of delegation in Tláhuac, as well as General Director of Legal and Government and Citizen Participation of the same mayor’s office.

Until before his appointment to the PFF, he served as head of the Unit for Policies and Strategies for the Construction of Peace with States and Regions of the Secretariat for Security and Citizen Protection.

The appointment of Medina Padilla must still be ratified by the Chamber of Deputies.

It is investigated by the FIU

The passage of Romero Aranda

Carlos Romero Aranda was characterized as one of the officials who most defended the policies of the Andrés Manuel López Obrador government, especially those of a fiscal nature, such as the so-called criminal tax reform against billing companies, as well as outsourcing.

In his management in front of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, Romero Aranda always attended events to talk about how the government was dealing with these crimes and the fruits that the so-called “frontal combat” against tax evasion was leaving.

One of the examples that the reforms were taking effect, according to the official, were the collection data for 2020, where despite the economic and health crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic, tax revenues grew 0.8% at a rate annual.

In his participation in public events, Romero Aranda explained that the reforms raised the perception of risk of the perpetrators, which led to several of them being regularized before the Tax Administration Service and paying their taxes.

This is how last year the agreements reached by different companies, such as BBVA, Alsea, Walmart, Maxcom, among others, with the tax authority, were reported.

With the outsourcing reform, Romero Aranda managed to go after a large criminal group that operated in the country and not only evaded taxes, but also affected workers with their actions by making them pay lower wages than the real ones.

The tax attorney arrived at the Prosecutor’s Office with the 4T, but ends his mandate at the head of it before the end of the six-year term. On Wednesday it was reported that he would leave his position to be a member of the Governing Board of the IPAB, this after his involvement in tax evasion issues was made known.

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