Prosecuted for sexual abuse an important Peronist leader from northern Argentina

  • The former governor of the northern province of Tucumán, José Alperovich, had been denounced by his niece

  • The victim assures that she was raped on several occasions by the veteran Argentine politician, who was also a senator

Joseph Alperovicha political leader who governed the province of Tucuman in the north of Argentina, was prosecuted by federal justice after the prosecution found well-founded suspicions that he tried sexually abuse his niece on three occasions. “I didn’t want him to kiss me. He did the same. I didn’t want him to grope me. He did the same. I didn’t want him to penetrate me. I did the same,” she said in a letter when the scandal broke.

Alperovich began in political life as an official of the former General Antonio Bussione of the main repressors of the last dictatorship (1976-83), who was Tucumán’s comptroller and returned to power by vote in the mid-1990s. He then went through the Radical Civic Union until he landed on the peronismparty currently in charge of the country, of which he was also a senator.

His niece and former political collaborator denounced him three years ago in court, forcing Alperovich to abandon his seat in the legislature. The former governor denied the accusations against him. He assured, in turn, that he had been the object of a maneuver that, through justice, tried to exclude him from political activity and took refuge in his parliamentary privileges to prevent the cause from advancing.

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“I keep waiting, day by day, for answers, serious investigations, measures, justice. And meanwhile, I look around me and notice that neither the horror that I lived through, nor the hells that thousands of women and girls go through are enough for them to try the cases with the responsibility and due diligence they deserve. It alerts me and scares me, because they are killing us & rdquor ;, claimed the niece when the judicial situation seemed stagnant. The case took a turn months ago, after Alperovich was left without protection of his parliamentary immunity.

Justice finally took action on the matter. Judge Osvaldo Rappa He finally questioned him via zoom and the arguments of the man who managed one of the most punished provinces in the country for 12 years were unconvincing. The prosecution, pointed out by the feminist collective Ni una Menos, represents “an important advance in the fight for justice and against the judicial impunity of abusers in political power”.

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