Propose General Law to Combat Corruption

Five years after the Constitution was amended to create the National Anticorruption System (SNA) and the secondary law on the matter, it is essential that Mexico have a General Law to Combat Corruption, proposed María de la Luz Mijangos Borja.

“In this five-year period of law enforcement, the necessary experience has accumulated to be clear that the acts of corruption are increasingly complex and that the definition of them, as well as the mechanisms to combat them, have become obsolete,” said the Head of the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office in the Fight against Corruption.

During a forum organized by the Chamber of Senators on the occasion of the International Day against Corruption, he considered that “as long as the criminal types of crimes for acts of corruption do not recognize the reality, they will fall short.

“In order to prevent corruption crimes from prescribing before they can be punished and repaired, it is not necessary to extend the maximum penalties, but rather to extend the minimum penalty, differentiating the social impact of the particular acts of corruption,” he said.

The new law, he explained, should contemplate what the Constitution establishes in the sense that the SNA “is a truly agile instance of coordination that fully visualizes the phenomenon of corruption to make effective complaints, efficient investigations and that involve all actors. , and that the administration and administration of justice have a common purpose: the reparation of the damage caused by the violation of the human right to a good administration of resources and all other human rights that are affected by corruption. And this is when the term restitution and the guarantee of non-repetition make sense ”.

Kristian Hölge, representative of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in Mexico, called for the formation of “a public-private-social anti-corruption alliance; shoulder to shoulder, let us join forces between the government, the private sector, civil society organizations and citizens ”.

In his speech, David Colmenares Páramo, head of the Superior Audit Office of the Federation (ASF), affirmed that the issue of corruption is particularly complex, and therefore does not admit biased interpretations or simplistic solutions.

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