Puebla, Pue. In this 20222, municipal authorities of Angelopolis plan to reactivate with a mayoral promotion of the five gastronomic corridors, giving more than 50% of the negotiations closed or the consequence of the economic crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and that this is a buscan recover winds.

Here is the comment made by the local president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant of Food and Condiment Foods (Canirac), Olga Méndez Juárez, who explained that the total repertoire is urgently needed in the sector, with the compromise of always using the media sanitarias.

Thus, the Municipal Planning Institute (Implan) has prepared a map to detect the number of negotiations and giro to integrate a strategy, which will involve taking resources to promote emprenderurismo.

In agreement with the company, as one of the gastronomic corridors requires a special strategy, it is only necessary to recover the sales as well as the lost employees due to the pandemic.

“The restaurants along with the Puebla helpers want to attract more customers not only from the municipality but from other parts of the country”, said.

También, also considered to support the opening of negotiations without the cost of traumas, is an incentive for the sector to invest in this current moment of the economy.

Méndez Juárez says that a major promotion could attract investments from the sector to the state, the internationalization of public products, as well as the development and maintenance of the negotiations.

Refirió que apoyar a las empresas para una mayor presence contribute to the positive image of the municipality, lo cual se requreid para la economics reactivation, más la gastronomía poblana destaca a nivioni nivional.

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“The restaurants have not agreed to recover more than 800 lost employees, but have failed to cooperate with more authorities and the property sector, which could not be reached with the help passed,” said the president of Canirac.

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