Projet Montréal promises a large park in the East

Valerie Plante made the commitment, Friday, to create a large park in the east of the island of Montreal if it is maintained in power on November 7.

The project that the outgoing mayor has described as the “green lung of the East” provides for the expansion of the Pointe-aux-Prairies nature park, the preservation of the Anjou metropolitan golf course and the development of two green corridors, that of Mercier-Est and that of Assomption Sud in Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. “We’re turning the east from gray to green,” she said.

The various expansions would be carried out thanks to acquisitions, to the use of the right of preemption held by the City and to agreements with other levels of government, but the head of Projet Montréal did not want to identify the land coveted by the City in order to , she said, to avoid speculation.

Projet Montréal aims to add 230 hectares of protected areas during a future term if Ms. Plante is re-elected, which corresponds to the area added since 2017 with, among others, the Great West Park, said Robert Beaudry, responsible for large parks on the executive committee.

The Anjou Metropolitan Golf is at the center of a dispute between the Plante administration and the mayor of the Anjou district, Luis Miranda, who wants to install an industrial building there. Ten days ago Mr. Miranda has entered into an alliance with the conductor of Ensemble Montreal, Denis Coderre, in anticipation of the November 7 election. The latter undertook not to present candidates in this district in exchange for the support of Mr. Miranda’s team.

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