Prohibit import and export of vapers

Rejecting the opposition, the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies endorsed the ban on the import and export of vapers and electronic cigarettes, “in order to protect people’s health and continue the policy of the Federal Executive to avoid the exposure to toxic substances, which can cause damage to health, due to the consumption of tobacco, nicotine and emerging products”.

The minute from the Chamber of Senators that issues the Law of General Import and Export Taxes, was approved in particular with 261 votes in favor, 211 against and two abstentions, so it goes to the Executive for publication.

This law, which also establishes the quotas that, based on the classification of the merchandise, will serve to determine said taxes, states that the prohibition of the import and export of Electronic Nicotine Administration Systems, Similar Systems without Nicotine, Alternative Consumption Systems of Nicotine, electronic cigarettes and vaporizing devices with similar uses.

In addition, it was endorsed to include the prohibition of tobacco cartridges or reconstituted tobacco, used in alternative systems of nicotine consumption.

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