Productivity bonus, salary recovery program and increase of 8.5%, the achievements of SINTTIA

In the first negotiation with the General Motors company, the National Independent Union of Workers of the Automotive Industry (SYNTHIA) presented the progress made, after 50 days, in signing the collective bargaining agreement that will benefit 6,000 workers at the Silao, Guanajuato plant.

The new CCT, said Alejandra Moreno, “exceeds the working conditions we experienced, with a substantial improvement in terms of salary and financial benefitsabove inflation and the national average of salary and contract reviews”.

As part of the agreements are: Bilaterality in various aspects of working conditions, including aspects of income, promotion, sanction processes for workers, safety and health, etc.

In addition, direct increase to salary from 8.5%; increase to the quarterly productivity bonus to 1,600 pesos; increase in food vouchers to 14% of the tabular salary; social security bonus of $400 pesos at the beginning of each year; mandatory rest day on December 24 and a negotiation table to implement a salary recovery program in the coming years.

Likewise, a table was agreed to review the scheme of working hours, shifts and crews, as well as productivity; a table to implement a care protocol against cases of violence and sexual harassment.

In that sense, the union leader He said that the set of these economic benefits add up to an increase of 5.3%, so together with the 8.5% increase in salary, an overall increase of 13.8% was achieved for the benefit of the workers of General Motors Silao.


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