Prodecon starts a campaign for young people to resolve their doubts about processing their RFC

The Taxpayer Defense Attorney (Prodecon) has started a campaign since Monday for young people (or anyone) to resolve their doubts about processing their Federal taxpayer registration (RFC), since from next year it will be mandatory.

In this sense, the campaign “Are you 18 years or older? Sign up for the RFC easily and safely, without obligations or penalties ”will seek to get closer to society through a microsite, workshops, tutorials and informative videos on social networks (Facebook, Tik Tok and YouTube).

Likewise, the Fiscal Ombudsperson will make its 30 delegations and central offices in Mexico City available to interested persons to provide the necessary advice.

It should be remembered that in the Tax Miscellany 2022 It was approved that from the age of majority, every person must register in the RFC even if they do not receive income or carry out any economic activity.

However, as long as they do not generate income or have a work activity, individuals will not be obliged to file returns or pay contributions and therefore the treasury will not give rise to the application of sanctions or fines.

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