Prodecon contributed to the Treasury with 19,593 million pesos in 11 months

The Taxpayer Defense Attorney (Prodecon) contributed to the Tax Administration Service (SAT) with 19.593 million pesos, at the end of November.

“Out of 1,046 agreements that were signed, 19.593 million pesos were contributed to the federal collection,” said Luis Fernando Balderas, deputy attorney for conclusive agreements at Prodecon, in an interview.

The government agency also revealed that, so far this year they have managed to increase the number of requests for conclusive agreements by 3%. That is, as of December 15, they have counted 2,170 folders.

“We did achieve a good increase in requests for conclusive agreements. Even with the pandemic, I thought we would not have an increase, “said Balderas.

He explained that the increase is due to the trust of taxpayers, as well as that of the tax authority so that conclusive agreements can be resolved through non-jurisdictional channels.

A non-jurisdictional channel is the complaints and claims service. While the area of ​​conclusive agreements is on the problems that are had within the exercise of powers of verification.

“By achieving justice for tax payers, through this alternative route, it prevents cases from being prosecuted and also that more resources are charged than going to trial, since these matters have been resolved,” said the public servant.

As of January 1, the conclusive agreements will have to reach a conclusion in less than 12 months, currently there is no limit. However, despite the time stamp, Prodecon has revealed that more than 80% of requests for agreements conclude in less than a year.

The public institution acknowledged that the taxpayer will not be affected by this latest tax amendment as this will give them greater certainty to provide documentation or submit corresponding payment statements.

In 2021, a change came into force in the Federal Tax Code where it was established that the taxpayer will have a period of 20 working days to request a request for a conclusive agreement from the moment the tax authority notifies any irregularity.

It should be remembered that the SAT notice can be via home visit, cabinet review or electronic.

They expect to reach 200,000 consultancies

The agency expects to close the year with 200,000 consultancies on tax matters; the percentage of legal representation is 89 percent effective.

“In the litigation that, according to the law, Prodecon represents taxpayers from vulnerable sectors free of charge, it is that eight out of 10 means of defense are favorable for taxpayers,” said Balderas.

It should be clarified that in matters of representation and legal defense it is the only service that has a limit; that is, the agency only supports taxpayers whose tax credits do not exceed 30 times the Unit of Measurement and Update (UMA) raised per year ($ 981,339).

The attorney general’s office projects an increase in demand for all its services due to the fiscal modifications that will come into operation on January 1.

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