Pro-Russian entities organize a march in Madrid in the midst of the invasion of Ukraine

The security forces have been alerted in Madrid of the risk posed this Sunday by a March of the Immortal Legion, so named by various Russian entities that summon it to commemorate the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany. The ‘victory day’ is celebrated in Russia on May 9, but in Madrid it is celebrated on Sunday 8 because it is the weekend. Fifteen organizations of Ukrainian residents have addressed various authorities of the Community of Madrid and the Government of Spain to denounce what they consider an act of “apology of terrorism” that offends them.

The Russian charitable organization Blagoe Delo (Act of Kindness) is the main convener, with the Youth Coordinator of the Union of Organizations of Russian Compatriots in Spain. Since 2015, Blagoe Delo, in line with the arguments of the Putin government, has collected humanitarian aid between the Russian colony in Spain to be sent to the area of ​​Donbas controlled by pro-Russian factions, and denounces the war in that Ukrainian region since 2014 as an aggression by kyiv against the local pro-Russian population.

The march has been held other years around the official Russian commemoration. But this party has never been so controversialcarrying out an invasion war of the proportions of the Ukraine, and with the Government of Spain clearly involved in supporting the invaded country.

letter to the queen

The United with Ukraine association has even sent a letter to Queen Letizia. “This act of hatred should not take place, and even less so in a civilized country like Spain,” they told him. “This march and its ideology do not respect human rights and support the massacre that is taking place in Ukraine.” The letter asks for help so that the authorities prohibit the march, but that prohibition has not taken place. The Ukrainian government considers conducting charges of aid to Donbas separatists as “financing of terrorism”, remember the letter.

The summoned Russians are summoned on Sunday at 11:30 in the vicinity of the Atocha railway station. From there, on other occasions they have taken the road to Plaza de Colón… This year there is a change in the landscape in the middle of the journey: in Madrid’s Plaza de Cibeles, several ukrainian flags placed by the City Council surround the monument.

The organizers of the march have made an appeal on social networks with the old Madrid Republican slogan of the Civil War: “They will not pass”. This year they call to participate “all those who remember, honor and are proud of the GREAT DEED, the victory of all countries and peoples over fascism and Nazism”. Various small communist formations in Madrid support the demonstration.

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Several Ukrainian organizations have tried organize a parallel march, of which finally there has been no call because his protest has not obtained permission from the Government Delegation. The police sources consulted have not wanted to clarify if any special device has been prepared to avoid confrontations, although the organizers do confirm that a police force will provide them with protection.

So far a tense peace reigns between Russian and Ukrainian residents in Spain, and only some fights this spring in bars in Torrevieja (Alicante), one of them, on April 11, with the intervention of the Civil Guard and an ambulance that evacuated a Ukrainian citizen to the hospital.

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