Princess Mako’s Bond: A Royal Wedding in the Civil Registry

  • She leaves the Japanese imperial family for marrying a commoner in a marriage attended by her parents and her younger sister

There were no banquets or the pomp of a royal wedding but the cold signatures on the civil registration. Only the liturgical bows to her parents, sister, and even the press that had tortured her added a Japanese ingredient to a ceremony that was not. Princess Mako got into the car and left the residencia imperial Akasaka in the direction of your longed for freedom in New York next to his marido, Kei Komuro.

“I’m sorry for the problems caused and I thank those who have continued to support me (& mldr;) Kei is irreplaceable for me and the wedding was the necessary choice for both, & rdquor;” he explained in a brief appearance before the press. Japanese royal women do not have access to the Throne of the Chrysanthemum and they lose their titles if they marry a commoner. Mako, niece of Emperor Naruhito, will have to request in the next few days a passport because it no longer has its cradle privileges. She is not the first woman to escape from the Palace but none had gone that far. its Royal wedding It was the first without pomp since the Second World War. She had renounced the 150 million yen dowry (more than one million euros) that women receive after leaving the royal family.

Four years of obstacles

He does not miss his boredom or his willingness to burn bridges. The couple stamped their signature after four years from psychological disorders, economic entanglements, a feverish media persecution and the opposition of a good part of public opinion. They had announced their wedding in 2017 and called it off shortly after claiming “immaturity & rdquor ;. The fault was, in reality, a confusing economic episode: the ex-partner of her fiancé’s mother demanded four million yen (about 30,000 euros) that she would have allocated, among other things, to her son’s university education.

Komuro explained in a nearly 30-page document that it was not a loan but a gift but promised to return it. The criticism was not silenced either by the boyfriend, who has now become the favorite target of the press and the networks, stigmatized by his mother’s singleness, scorned as cazafortunas and criticized even for a ponytail that he temporarily wore. Hundreds of Tokyoites have gathered today in a park to protest against the wedding.

The harassment and the inability to enjoy a “quiet and happy life & rdquor ;, in the words of the Royal house, caused the princess a post traumatic stress syndrome. It is the palace curse on women: Empress Masako suffered depression for not giving birth to the male that the country was waiting for and her predecessor, also commoner Michiko, lost her voice twenty years ago due to social criticism.

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The former emperor’s first granddaughter had conquered public opinion during her childhood with her impeccable manners. He dropped Gakushuin University, frequented by the economic elite, and studied at Tokyo International Christian University. There she was captivated by the smile radiant like the sun of Komuro, she clarified in that public engagement in 2017. Media pressure pushed her boyfriend to USA to study law and be employed in a law firm. It is unknown what the princess will do Mako pBut he does not lack a curriculum. He studied art and cultural heritage in Tokyo and has a master’s degree in museum studies from the University of Leicester.

The palace women’s escapades and it is even feared that the lack of personnel will prevent compliance with protocol and public obligations. Some are calling for misogynistic and moth-eaten laws to be changed to allow women to remain in the royal family after marrying commoners. It is studied by a panel of experts appointed by the Government but no immediate changes are expected by the stubborn opposition from traditionalists and monarchists.

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