Princess Charlene returns to Monaco after recovering from her serious infection

Princess charlene has returned to Monaco this Monday after spending several months in South Africa recovering from the operation To which he had to submit after suffering health problems during his visit to that country, according to sources from the royal family of Monagas have reported. The royal plane in which the princess was traveling has landed in Nice from the city South African Durba, where he had been since the beginning of last September.

Charlene, 43, who is a South African national, had undergone a operation on August 13, of which few details have transpired. But soon after, in early September, it had to be hospitalized urgently at the Netcare Alberlito Hospital, after fainting at the hotel where he was staying, due to complications from the severe ear, nose and throat infection that I had contracted in May. He entered with an alias to preserve his privacy.

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In those months in which she has not been able to leave her country of origin, the former Olympic swimmer has been receiving a visit from her husband, Alberto de Monaco, and her children, the twins Jacques and Gabriella, 6 years oldyes, they have been visiting her. The complications that they have suffered in their health for six months and that have kept them apart have prevented the marriage from celebrating su first 10 years of marriage, which were fulfilled on July 2. So far he has not been able to return to Monaco as the pressure inside the plane’s cabin could have aggravated his ailment.

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