Prince Philip’s moving last words to Charles just hours before his death

The day before he died, Prince Philip spoke on the phone with his eldest son, Prince Charles, who later recalled how his late father couldn’t resist one last clever quip.

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Prince Charles recalls his last phone call with Prince Philip

When Prince Philip died last year, those closest to him spoke fondly of his humor and quick wit.

As he watched his final, peaceful days at Windsor Castle before he passed away at the age of 99, he apparently retained his sense of fun.

And, true to form, the 99-year-old couldn’t resist one last joke as he spoke to his eldest son, Prince Charles, the day before he died.

In a documentary celebrating his father’s life, Charles recalls the last phone conversation he had with Philip a few hours before his death.

In an intimate interview for a BBC film, the Prince of Wales described how he tentatively broached the subject of Philip’s upcoming 100th birthday and suggested a party, knowing it was something his father didn’t like.

Prince Charles with his late father Prince Philip.


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And Charles revealed how Philip’s response left him with one last happy memory of his father’s brash nature.

He recalled telling the late Duke of Edinburgh that the family had been talking about his 100th birthday.

Knowing that his father was hearing-impaired, Charles repeated it louder, emphasizing: ‘This is your birthday we’re talking about! And if there will be a reception!

Prince Philip and the Queen with their eldest children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne.


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To which Charles said Philip snapped back, not missing a beat, “Well, I have to be alive for that, don’t I?”

Charles later said, “I said ‘I knew you’d say that!'” Adding that it was a happy memory.

Tomorrow is the first anniversary of Prince Philip’s death.


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Yesterday marked exactly one year since Philip’s sad death, with the Royal Family celebrating the day in private.

His beloved wife, the Queen, is believed to have spent the anniversary at Windsor Castle.

It came about when the naval uniform Philip wore along with his admiral’s cap were first displayed on the first anniversary of his death.

The items are part of an exhibition at the National Museum of the Royal Navy (NMRN) in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard looking at the Queen’s close ties to the Navy as part of her Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

As well as being the daughter and granddaughter of monarchs who served in the Navy, the Queen became an officer’s wife when she married Philip.

The exhibition also includes photographs showing the Queen’s many engagements as ceremonial head of the Royal Navy.

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