Primavera Sound reopens fire against Colau with an impact mural

  • The festival has installed a large painting in the Fòrum in which the mayor of Barcelona and Isabel Díaz Ayuso are seen kissing together with the slogan that sets its sights on the double Spanish edition of 2023

“Barcelona + Madrid = Primavera Sound”. This unusual sum can be read on a large banner placed in the Fòrum by the festival -still only- in Barcelona. Beside her, a large mural shows Ada Colau, mayor of Barcelona, ​​kissing Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid, in clear reference to the famous kiss between the Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and the president of the GDR Erich Honecker located on the Berlin Wall.

This image is what those attending Primavera Sound 2022 see when they access the large esplanade where the concerts of the headliners are held. Those who stop, look, look and, finally, take a photo are state public. It doesn’t fail. The attendees from other countries, which are not few, the image makes them smile what the hell is that and little else.

This large mural is exhibited a year before the festival opens a branch in Madrid: in 2023 a weekend will be held in Barcelona and another in the Spanish capital. All this in view of the disagreement between the city council of the Catalan capital and the musical show about the definitive adoption by Primavera Sound of the extra-long format (two consecutive weekends) that this year exceptionally has to compensate for the two years of absence due to the pandemic. It is not known what will happen to the festival in 2024. At the moment, Colau and Ayuso are kissing at Primavera Sound.


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Mural and banner seem to be part of the long crossfire between Primavera Sound and the Barcelona City Hall, reopened last Tuesday by the co-director of the festival Gabi Ruiz. “The problem with Barcelona is that it doesn’t want us, that’s exactly it. This two-party municipal government doesn’t want us,” Ruiz said in an interview on Primavera Sound Radio last Tuesday night.

First Jordi Martí, Deputy Mayor for Culture, and then Ada Colau, mayor of Barcelona, have responded in a conciliatory way this Thursday. The municipal mantra is: Primavera Sound and the Catalan capital are “inseparable”. Colau has assured that the city council “is working” on a new contract with the organizers to set the dates for the next four years and that he can stay in the city, as Martí announced hours before. “This is the will of Barcelona, ​​which has always been very clear with the fact that the Primavera is linked to the city of Barcelona, ​​which cannot be compared with any other possible location”, added the mayor. She also recalled that this is a festival “that was born and raised in Barcelona”

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