After the federal deputy of the PRI, Carlos Miguel Aysa, announced that he would vote in favor of the Electricity Reform of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the national leader of his party maintained that this initiative will not pass, even with the betrayal of one of his legislators.

This Wednesday, Carlos Miguel Aysa DamasPRI federal deputy for Campeche, announced that he had made the decision to vote in favor of the electricity reform next Sunday because it was due “to the people, rather than to the whims or interests of a person or group.”

It should be noted that Aysa Damas is the son of former Campeche governor Carlos Miguel Aysa González, who was proposed by President López Obrador to be ambassador to the Dominican Republic. This Tuesday, its ratification in Senate commissions was scheduled, however, it was postponed until further notice.

Through a statement published on his Facebook page, the PRI legislator maintained that it was due “to the people, rather than to the whims or interests of a person or group and after reading that the 12 points approved by the Political Council of the PRI, where it stands out: electricity as a human right, lower electricity bills for 43 million families; Just like public lighting, agricultural and drinking water pumping, and putting an end to looting and millionaire fraud by foreign companies, but always keeping private investment legal, I have made the decision to vote in favor for the good of Mexico.”

Therefore, the 25-year-old deputy assured: “I do so convinced that we cannot be against the development of Mexico, nor the will of millions of Mexicans. Today, society demands of us and requires popular representatives not to put group interests, electoral or personal alliances first. Our alliance must be with the People of Mexico.”

“In my capacity as deputy of the LXV Federal Legislature, I cannot act on a whim or by authoritarian mandate of my party, but on the right side of history,” he said.

For this reason, the national leader of the PRI and also a federal deputy, Alejandro Moreno, assured that democracy gives undeserved opportunities to disloyal people; “Today, Carlos Miguel Aysa Damas betrays the PRI and betrays Mexico.”

In a statement, on behalf of his bench, after legislator Aysa Damas announced that he will vote in favor of the electricity reform, which contravenes the position of the tricolor party and the provisions of its National Political Council (CPN) , stressed that “neither an embassy, ​​nor bribes, nor blackmail will suffice to look squarely at the nation it has betrayed.”

“Let it be clear: the vote of the PRI Parliamentary Group will be against. Morena is not going to be able to defeat the opposition, we owe it to the citizens and we will respond to them, no matter what it takes”, he asserted.

In his social networks, Alejandro Moreno, also president of the National Executive Committee of the PRI, reiterated that “his reform is not going to happen.”

Brunette celebrates decision

Ignacio Mier, coordinator of Morena in San Lázaro considered that the legislator Aysa Damas was “brave, consistent and honest”, for which he celebrated his decision.

“I celebrate the courage, consistency and political honesty of the PRI deputy, Carlos Miguel Aysa Damas, who has announced that he will vote in favor and without pressure for the #ElectricReform. Dignity is neither bought nor sold, it is defended,” Mier posted on his Twitter account.

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