Prestigious soccer presented in Moncton and Charlottetown this summer

Under 23 teams (M23) from Sunderland FCAEngland, and CF Montreal, from Quebec, will play friendly games in Moncton on August 5 and in Charlottetown on August 7. The announcement was made Thursday during a virtual press conference.

Each of the organizations has development teams of different calibers, including those of the M23. Their visit is important for the promotion of the sport here.

Moreover, the English team will also play a match against a selection of New Brunswick players on July 30 at the Université de Moncton stadium.

Younes Bouida, General and Technical Director of Soccer NB

Younes Bouida, General and Technical Director of Soccer NB (archives).

Photo: CBC

It’s a privilege for us to play against Sunderland FCAsaid Younès Bouida, with a broad smile.

The arrival of these teams delights the general manager and technical development of Soccer New Brunswick.

It is one of the best teams (23 years old) in England, which is very well known. It will also inspire our community. We have a lot of participants and we will have to have this kind of opportunity more often, to allow our young people to dream. »

A quote from Younes Bouida, Soccer NB

Mr. Bouida is also very happy to see a team from CF Montreal be part of this short tour. Soccer NB and the Academy of CF Montreal have a development partnership.

Moreover, a player from the Moncton region, David Mavakala, has been training with the Academy for 12 months. And other New Brunswickers will be heading to Montreal soon.

Young man looking at the camera.

David Makalava, when he played for the Soccer NB Academy.

Photo: Soccer NB

It’s unclear whether Mavakala will be in the Maritimes tour roster.

The decision has not yet been madesays Patrick Leduc, head coach of the under-23 team of the CF Montreal.

For us, it is with enthusiasm that we will play these games in Moncton and Charlottetown. Especially since we will face an unknown opponent, Sunderland, it brings us a variety, a different level. It’s an honor. It’s also part of the development for our young players. »

A quote from Patrick Leduc, Head Coach, CF Montreal U23
Patrick Leduc

Patrick Leduc

Photo: Radio-Canada / Louis-André Bertrand

For the Black Cats, as Sunderland is nicknamed, these games are part of a 10-day tour of Canada to prepare for their next season.

Already Thursday noon, the club’s social media announced their trip to Canada.

There will also be a game in Regina on August 3 against Toronto FC II.

In addition to games, promoter John Graham promises there will be community activities and training sessions for coaches.

Tickets for the games in Moncton and Charlottetown went on sale Thursday at noon.

Business card for 2026

These international parties also represent a calling card for New Brunswick. And not just for tourism: it will be a sporting window in anticipation of the 2026 World Cup, which will take place in North America.

The Maritimes have the potential to host activity in the months leading up to this tournament.

It’s really positive, we have the wind in our sailsmentions Mr. Bouida.

We would really like to host more eventshe adds.

I think the region will be able to host a World Cup team here for training. It is that there are training infrastructures on which work must be done. But, the Moncton area provides an excellent environment for preparation for national teams. »

A quote from Younes Bouida, Soccer NB

Moncton was a host city for women’s world cup matches in 2014 and 2015, notably hosting France, England and Mexico.

Behind these games, a promoter from Ontario

The tour promoter is John Graham of On Ice Entertainment. It is the same John Graham who, in 1995-96, obtained a concession from the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League in Moncton.

The Alpines had been in serious financial trouble and the dealership almost moved to Baie-Comeau. Robert Irving bought the franchise and renamed it the Wildcats.

A city spokesman, Austin Henderson, says the city has worked with Graham for other events since then. There’s been no bad feelings since the Alpineshe adds.

We do not know the budget for the event or the financial contribution from the municipality. Costs cannot be disclosed as they are contractual in nature. Contributions come from our existing event hosting budgets.

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