Presidential: how Xavier Bertrand seeks to stand out from Emmanuel Macron on security

Above all, put yourself above the fray. To distinguish himself from other potential right-wing candidates for the presidential election, Xavier Bertrand, the leader of Hauts-de-France, has been increasing the number of trips and speeches with regal intonations since the start of the school year. A week after that of Châlons, where he spoke of the “Republic of the territories”, the candidate for 2022 held, Wednesday, September 15 in Saint-Quentin (Aisne), a great speech on security. The former minister thus intended to respond, from his electoral stronghold, to Emmanuel Macron who, the day before, had made public the conclusions of the Beauvau of security from Roubaix (North). The two men had also had a brief but icy exchange on Tuesday. The opportunity, for Xavier Bertrand, to show that it is not against his political family that he is leading the battle, but against the President of the Republic, by attacking him on what the right considers his weak point. : the regal.

It was in the middle of the marble columns of the Palace of Fervaques, symbol of the past industrial splendor of Saint-Quentin, that Xavier Bertrand first clarified that, according to him, “All solutions came from the field”. As a reminder that, unlike Mr. Macron, he is anchored in the “Territories”. “Without the experience of a local elected official, it is impossible to understand all the forms of insecurity which today fracture our country”, he continues, before denouncing “Electoral staging in Marseille, Roubaix or elsewhere” of the Head of State.

He also immediately castigated the idea of ​​the President of the Republic to create a new police control tool before predicting a ” civil war “ if nothing is done. The former Minister of Labor, until recently rather identified as an elected official focused on the social, made himself particularly martial on Wednesday, promising nothing less than the “Great penal revolution of the XXIe century “.

Target drug users

He unveiled a major focus of his program based on authority, work and territories. He wants the fines to be paid ” at once “ or, failing that, be taken directly from the salaries of convicted persons or from certain social benefits. “Impunity is such that more than half of criminal fines are never recovered”, did he declare. Another proposal: the possibility for prosecutors of “Pronounce, without going through a judge of the seat, fines or repair or reintegration work, for any offense for which the penalty incurred is less than five years”. For juvenile delinquents, he wants the penal majority to be lowered to 15 years, the creation of a “Juvenile criminal judge” and the possibility of bringing them for immediate appearance. Still in his penal response, Mr. Bertrand wants to introduce the possibility of “Minimum sentences” for repeat offenders, but also penalties “Minimum”, the judges not being able to pronounce inferior ones.

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