Presidential election: LRM and the Modem, a duo at the center of the majority for 2022

Regular attacks against the right, the left and the extremes. And the promise of a refounded center. In Guidel (Morbihan), a rallying point for centrist troops, the president of the Democratic Movement (MoDem), François Bayrou, outlined a clear political horizon with La République en Marche (LRM), far from the gray sky that stretched over the Breton shore, Sunday September 26.

In front of several hundred members of his party, the MoDem ministers of the government, the delegate general of LRM, Stanislas Guerini, and the prime minister, Jean Castex, invited for the occasion, Mr. Bayrou once again defended the creation of ‘a central force embodied by the two main components of the majority. “At the moment when all the others explode, we have to rebuild ourselves, that we come together”, he hammered.

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False airs of meeting, in a sequence launched a few weeks ago by the majority, seven months before the presidential election and the legislative elections of 2022. At the Modem as at LRM, no one doubts the fact that Emmanuel Macron will stand for a second term. While waiting for any formalization, the two formations which competed in the election of the Head of State are also looking for a fate. To reincarnate, the two camps advocate a new union, similar to the one already in place for the majority European parliamentarians, who work together under the “Renaissance” banner, despite their different labels.

The stake of the investitures

The project remains nebulous, however. François Bayrou supports the idea of ​​a “Cooperative” policy, when Richard Ferrand, President of the National Assembly and close to Emmanuel Macron, said he was in favor of the inauguration of a “Common house before the end of this year”. No name or legal status yet, just the assurance that “The balances” established between the two formations since 2017, in particular in the National Assembly, will be able to continue if Emmanuel Macron were to stand for re-election and was re-elected.

A few hours later, in front of the press, the mayor of Pau and high commissioner for planning supported the idea of ​​a “Founding congress” which would give rise to an ideological charter, a coordination of MoDem and LRM activists on the ground for the presidential campaign, as well as a joint national investiture commission for the legislative elections. A means of ensuring the management of the nominations, as in 2017. “I hope that the French can join this new movement directly, without going through one or the other of the chapels” Modem or LRM, argued François Bayrou in front of his activists. Just before him, Stanislas Guerini, the general delegate of LRM, had also claimed the affiliation of the Macronist party with “This great central space”.

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