Presidential election 2022: Yannick Jadot and Sandrine Rousseau qualified for the second round of the ecological primary

The choice of the environmental candidate for the presidential election will be between Yannick Jadot and Sandrine Rousseau. The ecologist MEP and the former deputy national secretary of Europe Ecology-The Greens (EELV) came first in the first round of the ecological primary, Sunday, September 19, with respectively 27.70% and 25.14% of the votes , after four days of an online poll.

Delphine Batho comes third in this first round with 22.32% of the vote, followed by Eric Piolle, the mayor of Grenoble (22.29%), and Jean-Marc Governatori (2.35%).

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More than 120,000 citizens registered in the environmentalist primary had started to vote on Thursday for the first round. Less than 14% of those registered were members of the movements of the organizing environmental pole, said the person in charge of the process, Hélène Hardy. In 2011, 32,000 people registered for primary.

The results were presented to the press at the Pavillon des Canaux, in the 19e district of Paris. Each candidate should speak immediately, a way of showing a more united environmental family than in the past. This did not prevent some from organizing their own election night with their supporters in Paris.

“We have no idea of ​​the result, really… Anything can happen”, we whispered in the entourage of Yannick Jadot Sunday. On the strength of his success at the 2019 Europeans, he enjoyed the status of favorite. In the team of ecofeminist Sandrine Rousseau, we showed ourselves “Confident enough to go to the second round”. “The campaign went as we wished, we started early, last October, because there was work, and Sandrine now has very good visibility”, we continued on Sunday. The second round is to be held from September 25 to 28.

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