Presidential election 2022: “The macronists understood that it was urgent for them to structure a political force”

Dn the effervescence of the presidential pre-campaign where each day sees the emergence of a new candidate, the major maneuvers undertaken by the majority to try to structure a “Great central political movement” leave indifferent at best, skeptical at worst. What good is a big “thing” when the political parties are, in France, completely discredited? In addition, how can we believe it when, since the start of the five-year term, the various components of the majority – LRM, Modem, Agir, Territoire de Progress… – have, on the contrary, been struggling to keep their store alive, without much success. ‘elsewhere ? Under this five-year term, everything seems to stem from the will and action of one man, the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron.

This time, however, the matter seems serious. At the maneuver, two heavyweights: François Bayrou, the founder of the MoDem, and Richard Ferrand, President of the National Assembly. The two men looked at each other for a long time like faience dogs. They now cooperate openly, under the benevolent gaze of the Elysee. Stéphane Séjourné, political advisor to the Head of State, also calls for the constitution of “a great democratic party”, without dwelling on the details, however, the matter is so sensitive.

The pressure that the actors have imposed on themselves is up to the stakes

François Bayrou pleads for a “Cooperative” open but whose keys would be held by the two oldest supporters of the Head of State: LRM and the Modem. Come with “ what they are and what they have ”, among other things, they should define its ideological framework. The “marchers”, who claim both their specificity and their anteriority in the making of the candidate Macron of 2017, dream, for their part, of a flexible reception structure, adapted to new forms of militancy and capable of attracting young people. The devil is always nestled in the details.

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The pressure that the actors have imposed on themselves is up to the stakes. We must go quickly, conclude this fall, taking advantage of the atomization of the political landscape: the right, the left, the extreme right are divided, well! on this side, it will be unity and enlargement to regain the momentum of the previous presidential campaign! Easier said than done.

Risk of inheritance war

The maneuver is first of all an admission of failure, the recognition that the presidential movement has not succeeded in taking root or popularizing itself during this five-year term. LRM resisted the 2019 Europeans, but demonstrated its weakness in the 2020 municipal elections and the 2021 regional. Created to symbolize the overcoming of the left-right divide, the movement was from the outset the target of those it wanted to weaken without succeeding in dismantling its usefulness: its identity remains unclear and the weight of its proposals marginal in government production. Today, it is the sustainability of the political recomposition initiated four years ago by the President of the Republic that is at stake.

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