Presidential election 2022: the day after the primary tense among environmentalists after the release of Sandrine Rousseau

It’s quite unexpected, but twenty-four hours after his victory, it’s in a cafe on 14e district where Yannick Jadot has his habits that settled the outcome of the vote. Around 5 p.m., they were three candidates to meet in the room. But not at the same table. While Sandrine Rousseau, fresh out of an interview with the winner, answered questions from the World, Yannick Jadot continued to chain interviews, with the third in the order of the ballot, Delphine Batho. All that was missing was Eric Piolle, fourth, who contented himself with a phone call – he was in Grenoble – to also discuss his place and that of his line in the winner’s campaign team.

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Sandrine Rousseau had therefore just spent thirty minutes with Yannick Jadot. By his own admission, it didn’t quite go as planned. The ecofeminist, 49% strong, imagined that the presidential candidate “Would open his arms wide”. Rather, he suggested that he join a political council which is still in the planning stages. “I didn’t even understand what it was”, reacted Sandrine Rousseau, who wonders “If Yannick Jadot is really the great unifier he claims to be. I’m not sure he saw or wants to see the movement that arose with my candidacy. It is up to him to make a gesture, but during our interview, he did not offer me anything. I saw no sign. He told me he would call me back. “ Before, perhaps, the Federal Council of Europe-Ecology-Les-Verts (EELV), next Saturday and Sunday, where Yannick Jadot will pass a head, just like Eric Piolle.

Delphine Batho, she obviously did not live the same experience during her interview with the winner. Abrupt or without consideration, Yannick Jadot?I did not find. He seeks to bring together the four quarters of ecology that were expressed in the first round. This is completely normal “, she believes. A reference to the result of the first round, where the first four ended up in a pocket square.

“We are not going to redo the primary! “

Called to react to the somewhat piqued confusion of Sandrine Rousseau, Julien Bayou, the boss of EELV, who will chair this council, is first of all understanding: “Sandrine Rousseau’s speech on Tuesday was very clear, she was going to support Yannick. And then the next day, I heard it on the radio… It is perhaps human to rehash these few voices of variation. “ However, he puts her face to face with her responsibilities: “Today, expressing reservations is not the most constructive attitude, including for the people she has been able to mobilize by doing politics differently. Of course she will have a special role in the campaign. She made people stand up and say, “Politics, thank you, but no thank you.” It is essential to find the means to make this momentum thrive in the countryside. I am waiting for it to fit into the system, but also for it to respect its word. Otherwise, it means that she does not accept the results and that is not acceptable. “

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